Good Things

Haven’t done this in too long! In no particular order, things that are making me smile.

  1. I received two lovely blog awards lately and that feel good. Things have been kind of quiet around here lately and it’s nice to be thought of! The sunshine award is from Aviatrix and the Happiness 101 award is from The Henrys.
  2. I got to meet a fellow blogger this past weekend. I’ve been reading her blog since May of 2006–yes, I’m a nerd and went back and figured it out. Back in the day, my co-worker used to tell me that everyone I met online was secretly a man trying to meet women. I am happy to report that Toni is just as cool in person and not a man.
  3. Took Charlie to the Neuro. Still nice and fat. Charlie’s had two incidents where he woke up crying in the middle of the night and she said it probably wasn’t seizures. She said nightmares were much more likely.
  4. Charlie’s Gator walker has arrived–he doesn’t know what to make of it yet, but we’ll get there!
  5. We went to the Easter party again this year. The one that was so disastrous last year? He did SO much better. Kept his eyes open and everything. Still didn’t like the Easter bunny, but other than that, the whole thing wasn’t half bad.

He’s looking at that Easter Bunny like, “Hey, get your hand off me.”

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  1. This just shows how wise Charlie is – the Easter bunny is kinda scary. A walker! Excitement is coming your way, I'm thinking. On of my PTs had me put Hannah in one and she thought she was in hell, and luckily, we'll get by without it because I am pretty sure she would run over her sister on purpose, based on what she does with her regular ol' baby walker. It sounds so odd to say "I hope your child had nightmares" but I do, and I bet he does because his brain is all full of information just like everyone else's, and the subconscious mind is just a wierd thing in everyone isn't it?

  2. I love these posts!!! And I agree, that bunny is kinds creepy!

  3. That's the scariest looking Easter Bunny ever… now I'm gonna have nightmares.

  4. I hear ya about the Easter Bunny. Scary! Is it wrong that I was secretly smiling when my son refused to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap. It just seems so typical. :)

  5. YEAH for a new walker! We loved Faith's gator. It's still sitting in the playroom right now, just tripped over it yesterday! LOL! Faith hates all things dressed up too!

  6. Aviatrixt says:

    I agree with the masses, and with Charlie–that Easter Bunny is pretty creepy.

    Yay for your awards and other good things. :) I'm glad you posted it!

  7. LOL! And for anyone reading Katy's blog here, she is actually not a man, either! :)
    My kids nightmares always started picking up right around 3 years old. They have all had terrible problems with nightmares! My mom asks me what do I do to them all day long to make them have such bad dreams. Mia also suffers from night terrors. That's where the real fun is at.
    Congrats on the blog awards, yay for the walker, and nobody likes the easter bunny.

  8. Small Town Girl says:

    I love these feel-good entries. I need to start doing this.

  9. caryanne says:

    What a coincidence! Ben's Gator walker arrived today (we've been borrowing one from the hospital up to now). Ben's is red. So for the moment, we have 2…which is not fun…this means that I have 2 boys chasing each other around the island in my kitchen…both of them in a walker. They continuously get "stuck" and beat up on my kitche cupboards!

    Agree with previous commenters…super scary looking Easter Bunny. Pictures with the Easter Bunny seem to be an American thing…I don't think we do this in Canada…and now i'm glad!

    Great post.

  10. Agreed, your good things posts always make me happy!

  11. says:

    Katy, cool stuff! Super excited that he has his walker – only a matter of time until he's running in it! So excited that he's doing better in crowds!