Why Choking Your Kid Can be Educational

I’ve mentioned our Unit on Oceans, right? Oh. Obsessively? Yeah. I guess that’s possible.

Well, I decided to try a little activity that I found in Family Fun magazine. It’s a recipe called “squid dogs.” I took one look at it and knew we could do it at our house. I re-named it Octodogs because we’re studying Octopuses this week.

I am not the kind of lady who feeds her kids hot dogs–I don’t even own a microwave–I had to specifically buy some for this activity, but I thought it was worth it. Even got the really expensive hot dogs because the things freak me out (see also: Katy needs hot dog therapy). So you take a hot dog, cut it up, and then stick spaghetti noodles through the sections. Four noodles per hot dog piece and that will mean eight legs sticking out the sides. Octodogs I tell you.

So, I make the octodogs, show them to Charlie and then put them on his tray to explore. The doorbell rings, it’s his OT, I go to let her in.

MEANWHILE Charlie picks up an entire Ocotodog, puts it in his mouth, chews like three times an then attempts to swallow.

Cue coughing/choking kid as professional enters the room.

Not long after that we decided to turn Octodogs into an activity about using your fork. Cut those suckers up pronto–poor things, never saw it coming.

Parenting–it ain’t for the faint of heart.

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  1. Oh, Katy…. I'm so sorry. Well, chalk it up to another day!

    Your creativity is someting I admire.

    HAve an awesome day!

  2. Katy, you crack me up! Not that it's funny that Charlie got choked but the way you tell the story! Hey well know you know, no more Ocotodogs!

  3. That is hilarious (not the choking part though). On a positive note…Charlie used his hands pretty nicely to get the Octodog to his mouth :)

  4. Small Town Girl says:

    What makes this even funnier in a not-so-funny kind of way is all the hot dog choking issues that are going on right now.

    And grosssssss…hot dogs in the microwave? No thanks. Grill, please! :)

  5. Wow – those look really fun! I'm glad he coughed it up!

    So, the steam from the pan eventually makes them fall INTO the pan so they can cook? :)

    You have my head spinning for ideas for Units. You've created a monster! Thanks! :)

  6. Witkowski Family says:

    Oh my, live and learn right?! :)

  7. Hotdogs=bad!!! I cut those suckers up into slices and then I cut those slices up into quarters, even for Mia. I hate hotdogs.

  8. Poor Charlie. Glad that he is okay and that you were able to make the most of the lesson you were going for!

    Did you see that doctors want warning labels and reshaped hot dogs and grapes so kids don't do exactly that on them? How about parental forethought? Good grief.

    I think that most parents know enough to make things small enough for their children to eat. But I guess that there is always that group that claim to not know..


  9. You are indeed a great story teller.

    And as for hotdogs….I never used to have a problem with them….but lately they gross me out too.

  10. Hi Katy,
    I'm so happy Ellen introduced us to each other. Thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations with us. One question, were the dogs skinless? Charlie (handsome) might not have a choking problem if you buy the skinless version….though he might end up with a cholesterol problem:) I love the creative activity! Though my older son, Nate, l-o-v-e-s hot dogs so much he'd eat them still in the wrapper before we even left the grocery store if I'd let him! I doubt we'd finish the "teachable moment"….

  11. LOL. You kill me! I love it!!!

  12. I guess I should add that the dogs weren't the problem–it was the mile-long noodles sticking out of them. Too long for his little mouth. He chewed, tried to swallow and they were still hanging out of his mouth–Yikes!

  13. Nadine Hightower says:

    Oh My!!
    nope you can never turn your back those dern kids.

  14. pixiemama says:

    We call that faux squid. Squidilicious. And it's totally a fun way to choke.