Who’s In Charge? A Vblog

Let me say right off the bat that I promised myself that I would NEVER do a video blog–the thought is just horrifying. I don’t mind pictures of myself from a distance, but a video up-close? Ack!

But there was a lot of talk about them and Blissdom, and I like the idea of getting out of my comfort zone, so here goes nothing:

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  1. I BIG PUFFY HEART you. There. I said it.

    I do what you do. My husband helps with some things around the house ~ but mostly he brings home the pay check. He takes our oldest to swim lessons and always goes to school parties. We do A LOT as a family… and that makes me the most happy. (Plus, he encourages me to do things for me…and that's awesome too)

  2. you are adorable.

    A D O R A B L E.

    holy cow. I can spell even after TWO martinis.

  3. Love the video blog :) I laughed so hard when I read about Charlie being in the same outfit because that is so something my husband would do! He actually took dirty PJs out of the hamper yesterday to dress her for bed- I was like, what are you doing? We have clean clothes here!!!

    I am in charge of pretty much everything at home, but since sometimes I am at work when the baby goes to bed, my husband has taken on the bedtime routine- bottle, bath, book, etc. It's sort of become their thing, and it's also great when I'm at home on a weeknight because it gives me some quiet time! I love that they have a ritual of their own, too. My husband is also the "errand man"- I can send him out to pick up anything and he doesn't mind doing it. Which is great because I rarely have to run out with the baby just to get the one thing that I forgot.

  4. OH Katy, it's great! LOVE IT, and DON'T QUIT!
    We are a lot alike with the kiddo responcibilities…I am in charge of most of Faith's things….therapy, appointments, doctors, follow up therapy at home, RESEARCH (this is the BIG one!) and clean clothes! Carl is the FUN guy…does goofy dad things like dancing around the room like a chicken to make her laugh, puts diapers on his head to distract her during clothing changes but he also does all her night feeds and early a.m. feeds which is wonderful. He is an expert at sneekin' in her room and feeding her w/o her waking up while I wake her every time! But I am ok with all this b/c we agreed that I would stay home with her and well…all that stuff is my responcibility! He puts food on our table and provides for us and I keep ahead of the Faith train! BTW…Carl probably would have bathed her but would have forgotten to put the diaper on her afterwards! (He really did do that, two years ago at a big fancy dinner for a friend. Of course, she leaked all over the place and it was a big joke!)

  5. My husband says I am in control of the laundry and being supreme princess!

    Great vblog!

  6. OH, I love the video. Coo1. My husband is the errand man too. I am the Emma specialist. Keep these coming. I like it. It feels like you are right in my living room. It's personal.

  7. Wow, you speak SOOOO well!!! It's awesome hearing your voice (great voice, by the way) after "reading your voice" for so long!!!

    Let's see, responsiblities… when it comes to Adam, it's probably pretty equal. However, I'm the one who… always takes pics and maintains them (and the blog), shops and picks out all of Adam's clothes, plans and prepares most of his meals, etc. Steven does a lot of the household stuff (dishes, trash, etc.) but I do the laundry. Hmm… what else? For the most part, it works. =)

  8. PrayforNathan.org says:

    I LOVE it! You're so good at this! I want Charli in the next one though.

    I felt like you were talking about us! That's exactly what it's like in my house…except lately I get to sleep in mornings.

    Keep em coming!

  9. The Henrys says:

    Hi, I'm Debbi. I don't think I have posted here before, but I loved your video and had to share.

    I am in charge of pretty much everything since my husband works the second shift so he is not here at bedtime. I do all of the laundry, cooking, cleaning and care of the children. I do all of Gracie's paperwork, questions for the doctors, researching, dealing with the school, etc. DH forgets to take out the trash, even when I leave it in a neat pile by the door.

    However, he gets up in the mornings before school, to help me get the kids out the door, if I need him to. Then he goes back to bed. He will take Gracie to the grocery store if I send him with a list, which accomplishes two goals in one-giving me a break and getting some groceries in the house. He is more silly and fun with the kids, while I am always more serious. Most importantly, he makes my coffee for me!

  10. Loved the video :-)

    As a single mom (built my family through adoption), I'm in charge of it all. But as the kids get older (my girls are 9 & 11) they have their own responsibilities. And I also don't have to drag them everywhere. Luke (7-ASD) is getting to the development point where I need to have him "help" — he is great at throwing clean tupperware into the cabinet, and can almost fold a washcloth. But still have to dress him, etc.

    But all-in-all, I wouldn't change much.

    Thanks for not getting mad at your husband. I hate it when I read or listen to women (and men) talk that way.

  11. That was awesome. Two thumbs up!!! I take care of all the therapy stuff in our house, too. Dave is awesome with feeding, even bathing. I have more to handle, but he is just awesome with Max and Sabrina, so I have no complaints. Sabrina wore the same shirt for four days in a row while I was at Blissdom with you.

  12. I can't watch the video right now, but I can say you have way bigger balls than me. I rarely post pictures and you'll NEVER see video of me.

  13. loved the video!

    We're pretty even around here. I do the research and the worrying, my husband does the funny faces and keeps me sane.

    me: dinners, therapy, baths, diapers
    him: brings home the bacon, appointments, better at getting our little guy back to sleep

  14. Great Vblog, Katy! You made it look so cool and easy.
    I have to say my husband is a friggin saint around the house and with the kids. He works and travels a lot but when he's not doing that, he's helping me catch up on whatever needs to be done. He'll change a diaper, cook dinner, clean the kitchen, fold laundry, give the kids a bath and tuck them in bed. I can't leave him alone for too long because with just a little bit of time he'll prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's better than me at doing all the "mom" stuff.

  15. It is interesting to hear how other couples divide and conquer! I think there is no "right" way as long as it works for the family.

    My husband I both work full-time so we have a pretty 50/50 split of duties when it comes to our little guy. We both go to pediatrician & neurologist apps & we split the PT/OT apps. We both work on PT/OT at home because we consider it a part of every interaction we have w/Connor. Our nanny (Aunt Lynn) also does PT every day.

    The big divisions… I cook/plan meals & handle all fine print, contracts, financial paperwork, & scheduling because hubby doesn't have the patience for it.
    Hubby fixes all house stuff, cars, buys all Connor's clothes, and vacuums because he claims I don't do it well. I'll let him keep that one. 😉

  16. I love your voice too. I love how you ended with a question, such a teacher.

    Well, I work full time as a teacher, which means I work at school and when I get home.

    My husband parents on Thursday nights for about an hour when I go singing. Sam's 5 now and actually puts himself to bed, so unless they're actually playing, this might not count? He does his own laundry, the recycling, yardwork, the dump run on Saturdays, and we split the bill paying.

    Anything else that needs to be done to run house, home, kids, and pets, all mine.

  17. I finally got around to actually watching your video!

    Husband – works full-time, takes care of the banking and credit cards, gets up with the boys 7 mornings a week while I stay in bed for an extra hour, gets home most nights in time to help put them to bed, takes out the trash, puts gas in the cars

    Me – now work part-time, all things at home (laundry, cleaning, bills, groceries, cooking, dishes), all things kid-related: Ben's PT, doctors appts, outings, playgroups

    I'm pretty happy with how things are split at the moment. I do try to have my husband take Ben to one PT session a month so he knows what's going on and can incorporate it into their playtime.