Blissdom ’10

Back from Blissdom and had a great time! I don’t know if you heard, but the Saints won the Superbowl last night. Whew! What a wonderful thing for the city I love so much. I’m still processing my crazy weekend, but here’s a quick recap:
The Good:
  • Met TONS of people. TONS. People like me, people not like me, and everything in-between. I like people, so this is good. I got to meet Allison from No Time for Flashcards who I’ve been chatting with on Twitter–she’s got a Canadian accent! So cute.
  • I met Ellen, another person blogging about raising a kid with special needs. Ellen has a 6’4″ line backer personality packed into a five-foot frame. The woman is a complete fire cracker.
  • I met Shamarr Allen–a trumpeter that my husband and I completely adore. He was actually there to play with Harry Connick Jr., but I was more excited about him. I told him I had his CD and he looked at me like maybe I’d had too many cocktails.
  • I learned SO much. I learned about writing, being professional, having a footprint–all sorts of stuff.
  • I also got to meet a lot of really well-known bloggers which is just cool. I met MckMama, Redneck Mommy, Megan at Velveteen Mind, and Cecily.

The Bad:

  • I forgot my deodorant, so I kept sneaking back to the room to wash my under-arms with soap and water. SO embarrassing.
  • I lost my wallet with my license in it. Some very trustworthy person turned it in to lost and found, though, and I got it back with twenty-three dollars still in it. I didn’t even know I had twenty-three dollars! Getting it out of lost and found was a trick and it made me about an hour and a half late leaving the hotel.
  • I learned so much that I’m sure I will be busy for months implementing all information. I’d love to sit down RIGHT NOW and get it all done, but I’ve got this kid and he keeps wanting me to feed him and play with him and stuff.

The Ugly:

  • I was crazy-tired on the drive home. Luckily, I had books on tape and they kept me afloat.
  • I don’t think Charlie had one bath the entire time I was gone. Not one. I thought that was bad until I realized. . .
  • He was wearing the same shirt I left for him to wear on Thursday. Scary, no?

Charlie after the Saints big win. He didn’t know what was going on, but everyone else was happy, so why not smile?

Pictures of me courtesy of Ellen.
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  1. Ya know, I thought I smelled something funny. HA! Everyone reading this should know Katy in person is just like the Katy you read here—down to earth, funny, real, cool.

    Glad you recovered your wallet. I seem to have left my brain in Nashville, as I am having complete trouble focusing on anything today, perhaps it was the lack of oxygen in Opryland, I don't know.

    And, for the record, I am 5 foot 2. Just sayin'.


  2. I am so glad to have met you, and be introduced to your blog! Your karaoke performance was great too :)

  3. I was so excited to meet you too! Love talking mom and teacher shop at the same time . Looking forward to getting to see you again.

  4. YOU are absolutely adorable.

    Girl, had you tweeted you needed deodorant, there would have been people knocking down your door to bring it 😉

    I'm glad you had fun and WOW to the wallet, that's awesome.
    Seriously, you are a darling firecracker and I can't wait to keep up with you around here 😉

  5. I am so glad that you got to go and that you had a wonderful time!

  6. MeghatronsMom says:

    As I told Ellen, damn healthcare job! You guys were just afew hour drive a way for me & I didn't get to meet you! POOP! OH well… there's always next time! Charlie is as handsome as ever! Happy for the Saints! Meghatron is happy cause hey Tianna is from New Orleans (the princess & the frog) so she cheered for them up here in Peyton country!

  7. I hope to make it next year, but I fear it'll always fall near Kyle's birthday.

    Regardless, you look just beautiful in those photos!

  8. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    Sounds like a great time! Charlie does look adorable in that last picture. You can't tell he hadn't been bathed or changed. : )

  9. Sounds like a blast! I would have died to see H.C. Jr, I adore him! So did ya pack him up in your bag to bring home? Glad it was so fun!

  10. Glad you had fun! Also, glad to know someone else's husband doesn't believe in bathing kids or changing their clothes! :)

  11. Small Town Girl says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I'm so happy you got to have a weekend away.

    Also, you look fantastic!

  12. My sister works the weekend shifts at the hospital, so daddy doo takes care of the 4 girls. She freaks when she gets the kids up Monday and at least 2 of them are in the same clothes from Friday. I guess she should be happy they're not in their PJs.