Right Now

I woke up this morning in panic.

Charlie is two years and seven months old. He’ll be three in five months and he’ll be in school two months after that.

I have no idea where the time has gone. None.

With a special needs child, I think that birthdays, half-birthdays, hell, Mondays, can remind you that time is moving swiftly while your child is taking their sweet time meeting milestones. You can get a little panicky thinking about the one-kajillion things they still have to learn.
But I wanted this year to be about celebrating rather than worrying. I’ve done enough worrying for several small children and it’s time to work on using my energy elsewhere.
So, instead, I’m working on my celebrating.

I’m celebrating that Charlie took seven step in his gait trainer. True, all seven were with the right foot, but lefty will figure it out eventually.

I’m celebrating that he used Tina the Talker for 45 minutes yesterday–even telling us yes and no in a purposeful way.

And I’m celebrating that he said “uck” when we were singing about ducks in Old McDonald.

This way is better, I’m sure of it.

I think this fortune cookie might be code for “you’ve got no money in your wallet.”

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  1. I love the fortune cookie! I also LOVE the last picture of Charlie..He looks like he's growling! What a cute little monster!

  2. MelissaInk says:

    I'm not sure where the time goes either … probably the same place those missing socks disappear to.

  3. Charlie is doing some cool stuff to celebrate! Just wondering what gait trainer you use for him. Our PT isn't ready to get one for Emma yet, but I am and am starting to do my research. If you want to comment on yours I'd love to hear about it!

  4. He's beautiful. And so is your outlook on life.

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    I'm still shakin' my pom poms…Go Charlie Go!!

  6. Love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Small Town Girl says:

    Great plan on the celebrating!

  8. Here is to shoving the worry where the missing socks disappear to!

  9. i'm in the same place. Miles will be 3 at the end of May. The idea of school STRESSES me out more than anything. Charlie looks great & awesome job on the 7 steps & uck!

  10. We all need a little more celebration in our lives, I think. And that's definitely what that fortune cookie really means! 😉

  11. I had a panic attack not too long ago when I realized that Queen Teen will be 18 in 3.5 years. 18!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh great, I just gave myself another one! lol

  12. Baylee and Blair's page says:

    I love the fortune cookie and I love the look on Charlie's face in the last pic! SO CUTE!

    Hugs – Tiff

  13. YAY for one foot walking–Clayton prefers the bunny hop himself . . . and I'm loving all these pics with your new camera!

  14. That's the spirit Katy.

  15. Laurie in Virginia says:

    Wow – I deal with the whining each and everyday. My son Henri is 4 1/2 with cerebral palsy. I think most of it comes from frustration over not being able to communicate what he wants or needs. However, even when we clearly understand each other he still whines if I say no and try and explain why – that part is probably appropriate to his developmental age. I just want you to know that I check your blog everyday and you are a true inspiration to me and your thoughts help me get through the day! Thanks for being you.