Good Things

Today I’m celebrating the small things. . .

  1. Nose picking! Look how well he gets that pointer finger out. Also, he’ll kill me one day for posting this.
  2. Hats that are too small! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but CP kids are infamous for being diagnosed with microcephaly a.k.a small head. The insinuation is that your child’s brain isn’t growing properly. Whether I believe that or not is a completely different story, but still. . . head growth, yay!

  1. Last week’s episode of Desperate Housewives. A special needs storyline where they really got it right. Also, raising a special kid felt good in the end, which is such a change from the usual pity party. I will confess to some crying, but is that really surprising?
  2. Meeting another epilepsy mom. We’re having lunch this week. Funny thing, I say something about epilepsy and people will say, “does Charlie have epilepsy?” Ummmm, yeah, and he’s had it for quite a while. Epilepsy just means that he’s had seizures, which they know, but for some reason that word makes them anxious.
  3. Blissdom ’10. I’m going . The wrangling involved was enormous (babysitters! for two separate work days!), but I’m getting three days of fun and hopefully I’ll have all sorts of good things to share when I get back.

Seriously, life is good!

**Note: Erin pointed out that it looks like Charlie is eating his boogers–he’s not! These pictures were taken on different days and even at different houses**

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  1. He's really serious about this nose picking business!

  2. I love the small things! He is the best! But, I do have to warn you: those two photos, in that succession, yeah, totally looks like Charlie is picking his nose and eating it (or maybe it's just the way my warped mind works and nobody else would think that way).

    Also, are you going to Plano in Feb? Thought about hitting Cancun (we've been in below zero temps lately and I need a good thaw), but we just can't afford it (esp. since I just happened to forget to pay for our ABR machine rental for the past, oh, year, so I have to pay three payments at once… ouch!).

  3. Mamá Terapeuta says:

    good things!!!! Certainly!!!! I also took pictures the first time my daughter put her fingers in her nose 😀

    Look forward for that episode of DH, did you see episode 9 of Glee? Is about disability as well.

  4. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    I love that you took a photo of him picking his nose!

  5. Go Charlie, Keep embarrassing mom! I love his sneaky smile, Katy. He has a wicked photo face!

  6. The things we never think about…but yes, I too, would be totally excited if I found Eli with his finger up his nose! :)

    I'm soooo jealous you get to go to BlissDom! MckMama is going to be there!!!!

    I watched the Desperate Housewives episode last week, too. It was an interesting take….

  7. Small Town Girl says:

    I love celebrating the small things! As long as there is SOMETHING to celebrate, life is good. :)

  8. have a wonderful time. I'm glad you're able to get away for a few days. Nothing like a refreshed and rested mommy.

    Cute photos. What does he do with all those boogers?

  9. Okay, so what happened to BABY Charlie??? He's so stinkin' cute I could look at pictures of him all day!! A lot of his positions remind me of Jack at that age! So sweet :)

  10. Terena–I dont' think he really gets anything out of his nose. That's usually a sign for Dad and I to get out the nasal saline and the aspirator.

  11. LOVE the picture, ha! Is it bad I hope Jude picks his nose someday?

  12. Yeah, he's not gonna love that being shared with the world one day, but ah well, 'til then, it's fun! Pick that nose, Charlie!

  13. We have a nose picker here as well. And what is this Blissdom? Gotta go check it out . . .

  14. Okay, just went and read about Blissdom. So jealous . . . no way I could go even if I wanted to with Jackson being so young! HAVE A BLAST! I've gone and met with many of my online scrapbooking buddies several times and it is a wonderful getaway.

  15. He's so cute. I love this post.