Everyday Stuff

Twice a day, every day, I take a little time to dig the dirt out from underneath Charlie’s left thumbnail. No matter how closely I trim that nail, it becomes a cavern of peanut-buttery funk that makes me cringe.

Charlie, like his father before him, is not so much a fan of the manicure.
He writhes and wriggles, jerking his hand away fiercely. Sometimes I have to practically pin him down to clean that nail.

I was in the middle of this wrestling match the other day when I said to my husband, “I’ve never seen a person fight so hard about something so unimportant.”
With a smirk he responded, “Who you talking about? You or him?”
Point taken.
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  1. MelissaInk says:

    Oh, I hate when the boys are right.

  2. She Likes Purple says:

    It's humbling when you realize what you've passed onto them, isn't it? Also, that picture has got to be one of the best I've seen. Beautiful.

  3. hi katy, my kids barely tolerate manis, too. you asked about drake's fine motor. he is good with the left hand (can do pincer grasp) and mildly affected with the right. he can use a fork and spoon with the left hand and is pretty accurate. he has trouble 'stabbing' food with the fork, though. i have to help push it down. the spoon he is pretty good with, though messy. he never uses his right hand for holding utensils, though he will sometimes use it for picking up food. he would prefer to use his hands to eat, but i am really pushing the fork/spoon at every meal. i do it for fine motor, but also because it helps slow him down while eating, as when he uses his hands he likes to shove as much food as he can in his mouth. i think you one time asked if he was diplegic? we are not sure. he doesn't have a specific diagnosis that i have heard except just cp. he could be diplegic, but he may even be quad as i think there is a little something in all his extremities, though the left side of his body is definitely more functional than the right. is there such a thing as triplegic? he might be that as the only thing that seems almost totally spared is his left arm/hand. :)

  4. AHHHH. don't you just hate that???

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    I'd be more apt say, "Smart Ass!"

  6. Ha! I love it.

  7. Ha, ha, ha! In the grand scheme of things a thumbnail does seem pretty unimportant.

  8. Josephine says:


  9. Baylee and Blair's page says:

    That's cute! :)

    Baylee actually bites her nails… she's been better about it lately. Probably because I tell her she's going to get bugs in her tummy if she keeps on!

    Blair lets me trim her's. I always did it when both girls would be awake so they would be use to it.

    Hugs – Tiff

  10. Ouch….that stings!
    The trick I use with Faith is to count each fingernail as we do it with ridiculous overexagerated voices. It distracts her so she temporarily forgets that I am holding her hand down.

  11. Rural Felicity says:

    This post? Me, my hubby and the kid. LOL I laughed because I can so relate!! :)