Hair Issues

Is is just me? Or does Charlie’s hair suddenly look suspiciously like Kate Gosselin’s?

Let’s see them side by side, shall we?

He’s so trendy.

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  1. Hey Katy! NOOOOOOO Charlie does not have any resemblances to that woman! And no I didn't get your email. Try me again it's Sorry

  2. hee,hee

    Ms. Walters believes that Kate has a seriously big career ahead of her as a talk show host.

    Which shows just how much Barbara is losing her touch with reality.


    He's adorable!

  3. I can't promise that when he's 15 I won't tell him you compared him to Kate Gosselin.

  4. HA!!! That's awesome.

    Charlie is WAY cuter than Kate though, and I'm sure far less annoying, and also more deserving of his own TV show.

  5. That was hilarious!!! Your post gave me a great laugh today.

  6. I like it better on Charlie! :)

  7. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    That is too funny! Charlie is such a cutie!

  8. Ha!! My sister just the other day told Max he had a Kate Gossling hair-do!! I prefer to call it monster hair!

  9. ha! Funniest post I've seen in a long while!

    And for the record….Kate WISHES her hair looked as good as Charlie's!

  10. Small Town Girl says:

    And it's so effortless!!

  11. I think he's smarter than her, though. 😉