Good Things

The teary-eyed edition!

  1. Our local high school named a girl with cerebral palsy their Homecoming Queen. I think that every parents fear is that their child will never be included. The fear is multiplied by a bazillion when they’ve got special needs. I find it simply amazing that these students reached out and wrapped their arms around this girl who is so very different. These things change all the time, but right now this is the High School that Charlie would attend. I’m not saying that its perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot nicer than the stories you read about kids beating up the special needs kids after school. I’ll admit to some crying while reading the story.
  2. No less than three people that I love dearly are expecting babies in 2010. My baby fever is in high gear now. Logistically, I have no idea how we would swing me having a c-section and being out of commission for weeks, but I’m definitely feeling the push to add to our family.
  3. Disney World–we’re totally going. I don’t know when, but I’m ready.
  4. My husband working part time all week. Hubby is a complete work-a-holic. When he leaves at “the earliest” he’s home around six. This week he’s working just a few hours a day and I’m having so much fun taking him on errands.
  5. 24. I’m about eight years behind the times on this one, but I’ve been watching 24 on DVDs I borrow from the library and can you say addicted? We’re all about the Jack Bauer at this house.
  6. My new iPhone. It was supposed to be a birthday present. I got older last month, but Hubby? still a work-a-holic, so I got my present today. Hooray!
  7. My new camera. Amazon was having a one-day only sale. I have been wanting a new camera since I busted the flash on mine almost two years ago. Add in free two-day shipping and the fact that I’d have to wait another month for my husband to buy me a gift, and it was a no-brainer. Look forward to even more pictures on this here bloggy blog!
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  1. So many feel-good things! Ahh! Good for you!

  2. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    What an all-around happy post! Can't wait to see more pictures…

  3. Sounds wonderful! I want to take the kids to disney too, I love it there. I want to take Em before she is to old, but wait until Jude is a bit older, it's a catch 22. Love the iphone you got.

  4. I love the story, Katy! And welcome to the DSLR club :) I'm a huge Canon fan… if you want any tips/suggestions, I love to talk cameras!

  5. cool, Katy! Baby fever…that can be dangerous! LOL! Love the phone!

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    Love, love, LOVE all those things! I've often thought of whether or when you'd have another baby. Glad to hear it's in your mind. :)

  7. Somehow we made it through with me being on bedrest for six months AND being out of commission from a c-section. Dh was overworked, but it gave him new perspective on what I do . . . =)

    BTW, workaholic dh's is another thing we have in common. Mine can't sit still long enough to relax!

    You'll love your camera–I've been thinking of upgrading yet again but can't justify it since I am still learning about the camera I have!

  8. We are all about 24 here too. Jim has all the seasons and has subjected me to it so many times I'm starting to like the show myself, without quite wanting to.
    Oh, and ride the baby fever, Katy! Maybe we could both get pregnant in 2010! I always like having a pregnant friend while I'm knocked up.

  9. Okay, my hubby and I have been watching The Tudors on Netflix and we just finished the John Adams miniseries also on Netflix. Both really good, in case you're looking for a new show.

  10. Oh! I have the same babyseat on my bike! What a great list of things you have here.

  11. That is amazing about the homecoming queen. Very touching.

    Congrats on your iphone and camera!!! I'm so jealous! :)

  12. Yay for good things!

    Off to cry at that story about the Homecoming Queen.

  13. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    What a great list. The homecoming queen story was very sweet. Sounds like they have a wonderful "buddy" program at that school!

    Congrats on the new phone and camera. It is so fun to get new toys, isn't it?

  14. 24 is the bomb! Love my Jack – can't wait new season starting soooon!!!!