So I’ll let you guys tell me if I’m crazy. This should be fun.

Hubby got his annual bonus and there are a lot of smart things that I could use it on. And by smart, I, of course, mean more therapy of one sort or another. There’s hippotherapy and regular therapy or HBOT, but the truth is that I want to spend it on one thing:


This is ridiculous. I’ve been to Disney World no less than a zillion times. I’ve even been to Disney Land. My mom has a bit of an obsession and that means that every three years (minimum) she has to take a trip to Orlando. For me, Disney has been done. But for Charlie. . . well, he’s never been. He’s finally getting to an age where I think he would enjoy the music and some of the rides. I’ve looked online and there are tons of shows that I think might be fun. Some stuff will probably go over his head–he’s never even heard of Mickey Mouse–but man I’d like to take him.

Sometimes I just get sad that all of the “opportunities” that I’ve given to Charlie involve therapy–every extra dollar and even some dollars I don’t have go towards giving him the best life possible. This time I want to spend some money on some regular kid stuff–rides, over-priced food, and giant, singing stuffed animals. Besides, I really don’t know when we’ll have another opportunity like this–bonuses aren’t guaranteed.

Hubby said he’d only agree if we went at the cheapest time and stayed in the cheapest hotel. My research tells me that the end of January/beginning of February is officially “Value Season.” We’re going to drive. Ten hours is pretty grueling, but one of the un-sung advantages of the CP child is that they can make awesome car travelers. Our regular trips to Dallas take about eight hours and he does a great job. It’s not like he wants to go run around so videos, music, and toys make the journey go pretty smoothly. I stretch him out and swing him around whenever we stop, so Charlie’s major complaint about car rides is getting changed in the back seat of the car–freaks him out.
So am I totally crazy to try to plan a Disney World trip with a two-and-a-half-year-old only a month in advance? You can be honest. I’ll probably go anyway.

Me at Disney’s MGM circa 1997–please note the super-cool jeans.

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  1. Heh, I am old so you know I'm not gonna do anything but agree that you are crazy. *wink*

    I like to point out all options. As in since Charlie (unlike Mom) is not brand-hypnotized, he would get the same out of ANY theme park. Undoubtedly there are cheaper hotels around SeaWorld Texas. Undoubtedly. I don't think they open until spring break, however, giving you the advantage of one more month to plan.

    Then you would the awful decision of what to do with the rest of the bonus. I'm confident you can handle that. *wink*

    PS Did I mention that there is another theme park in the same city? Just saying.

  2. Hey if you really feel the movement to go…GO, I say! I went when I was 3 and my sis was about 6 months. Don't know what my parents were thinkin'! I have no memory of it, but they said I had a good time.

  3. GO

  4. Barbara–if we go to Disney, there's a good chance the rest of my family will go to. If I pick some other theme park then we'd be on our own.

  5. go!

  6. White Hot Magik says:

    GO FOR IT!

  7. I'm thinking that Disneyland is really just another name for Real Life Therapy, and should be engaged in at any and all opportunities.

  8. I like what therextras said- especially since Charlie isn't 3. Most kids wouldn't remember it so maybe go to another theme park? But if you and hubby would enjoy Disney then go! :)

  9. I think this may very well be your best idea yet!! I do certainly think there is something to "real life" therapy and I think you and hubby could benefit from it too! So I say go and have the best time ever, you all deserve it!

  10. therextras says:

    Call me crazy but I'm wondering if anonymous is one of your relatives hinting they'd rather go to Sea World. πŸ˜‰

    Even crazier, I can't seem to comment in the same tone as you write, Katy. πŸ˜‰

    As crazy as it sounds, I wasn't expected a literal response. I was crazily imagining you asking me to play grandma to Charlie at Sea World. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, well. I know the power of Disney. Makes some people crazy. πŸ˜‰

  11. I think you should totally go! But I also think you should plan to go again when Charlie is also a little older- so he'll have more memories of it! We went when I was 8 and my brother was 5, and I'm not sure he remembers all that much about the trip. I remember I liked the tea-cups and the haunted mansion, and it's a small world, and epcot center; and that my parents liked the swiss family Robinson house but I thought it was dull. I also had an "autograph book" and got all the Disney characters I saw to sign my book. It was lots of fun! :)

  12. Oh Barbara, one day we'll get to your neck of the woods and you can play grandma all you want. My husband and I have a pretty strong love for food out that way.

    I'm fascianted by all the people who mention whether or not Charlie will remember Disney World. I have no doubt my mother will take him several more times–I just want to be there for the first time.

  13. I think it would be super fun! ANd I think you're right that sometimes we parents of special needs kids get too caught up and all this "good for you" stuff, and sometimes we need to just let go and do something just for the pure enjoyment of it! I'd say go for it and have a blast!

  14. Hey, he is only young once and you will only get that first time once…GO FOR IT!!!

  15. Small Town Girl says:

    Pretty sure that if those jeans were a different wash, they WOULD be super cool right now.

    I think it sounds like a fantastic idea! You're not going into it blind–you know what the park and everything else entails and if you could get your whole family there? That would be VERY cool.

  16. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:


  17. definitely do it ! it will be nice to take a vacation that isn't therapy based. you deserve it. you are lucky to have such a good traveler!

  18. I say GO GO GO! Then again, I am a bit biased when it comes to all things Disney….

  19. Go and take lots of pictures!

  20. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    Well I am pretty sure you were going to go no matter what any of your readers said, but now you have lots of people to back you up.

    I agree with you – sometimes you just want to do stuff because it is fun. That isn't a bad thing. Even if Charlie doesn't remember it, you will have great memories of him being there for the first time.

  21. luckeyfrog says:

    It might not be a bad idea to visit a local theme park just to see how it works first. Make sure he likes it and doesn't just want to hide from the sun and the noise and the people or that the lines aren't too long to just bore him to tears.

    That said, I LOVE Disney World. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I agree that it's best to go when it's not busy (I went around Christmas last year, and… wow, it's nuts.)

    You should definitely take him sometime. I'd just want to make sure he'd enjoy it and not make it hard on either of you.

  22. Sounds like a great idea to me…but then again we just got back from Disney 3 days ago!! We had a great time and Bennett probably won't remember any of it but we will and that's well worth it.

    We just had fun hanging out together – no therapy – none at all. I didn't even bother bringing his communication book or device as he uses sign language to communicate with us. It was a nice break to do something just for fun.


    In fact, it's quite sane and healthy. You guys deserve a giant dose of FUN. And it's not like you do this every month, or even every year, so you should definitely go.

    And then report back to us with lots of pics!

  24. I don't think it's crazy. If you think it's something the whole family would enjoy, then it sounds like a great way to spend the bonus!

  25. you are not crazy. and you can find some cheap hotels if you try.

    We just went to Disney last month.

    Kelsey had a great time (she is two). She liked the rides like the teacup (probably the vestibular input). (See anything can become therapy if you look at it the right way. πŸ˜‰ )

    We got the "stroller as a wheelchair" tag for her and it was so nice to not have to carry her places we otherwise would have had to.

    She really liked the lights and music, parade, fireworks, and of course having mommy and daddy's full attention.

  26. Oh Go. You have to! Can I come?

  27. It's so nice to actually hear about someone getting a bonus instead of losing a job! I say go for it. We took the girls when Emma was only 2 months old and had a blast. There is more (or so I'm told!) to life than more therapy :-)

  28. I want to go to Disney with Clayton so bad! Brian and I haven't been since we became parents and I'm itching to go back. Can't wait until Jackson is a little older so we can all enjoy it!

  29. Disney World rocks, but not as much as those jeans. Not even close.

    We're spending all our money on a trip to DWorld next year. So if you're crazy, then I'm crazy too :)

  30. Gina (Mannyed) says:

    Is it too late to weigh in? I say go, and I also say Go every three years thereafter : ) You guys deserve this!

  31. Go! We love Disney. They do some great deals, too. Are you going to stay at one of their hotels? If so, get the meal plan to. We thought it was very worth it. Charlie won't have to have one because he is under 3. He is free. So great! We miss you. Sometime, we will have to take a Monnot/Killingsworth Disney trip. You know this is Shana and not Jeff. I just am in his account right now.

  32. If by crazy, you mean crazyGENIUS! I can't wait to take my kids to Disney. To a Florida girl like me, it's a downright abomination that they haven't been already. That picture of you is awesome–wouldn't be surprised if I saw myself somewhere in the background of that photo.