Miracle Veteran

Candace is having a contest over at her blog. Candace invented the term “Miracle Veteran” and now she’s doing a contest for all the miracle veterans out there. The contest is simple–she wants parents to describe one miracle they’ve witnessed while raising their special needs child.

Well, I started drawing a blank on this one. I could completely relate to the term, but suddenly all of Charlie’s little accomplishments seemed, well, small.

And, man, how easy is it to do that? To work towards a goal with your child, accomplish it, celebrate, and then immediately begin taking it for granted. Just because it’s expected, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t amazing and beautiful. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t some other parent who wishes that their child could do that. Sometimes we’re hurrying so quickly towards the next goal that we forget to really celebrate the ones we’ve achieved.

So this might not count towards Candace’s contest, but today I’m just going to list all the things that Charlie’s accomplished. The things that I take for granted, but that many people thought he may never do. My miracle list:

  1. His heart beats steady and true with no medications.
  2. He swallows thin liquids easily.
  3. He takes every meal by mouth.
  4. He eats food of all kinds with no problems.
  5. He self feeds (with his hands).
  6. He holds toys in his hands.
  7. He plays with toys.
  8. He sees.
  9. He tracks moving objects.
  10. He rolls in both directions.
  11. He grabs his feet.
  12. He prop sits.
  13. He laughs.
  14. He drinks from a cup (very messily)
  15. He reaches for items of interest.
  16. He commando crawls.
  17. He watches TV.
  18. He rides in a grocery cart.

Yes, these are basic things, but they’re the kind of things that we never knew if Charlie would accomplish. Life is never what you expect, but isn’t it wonderful when it’s surprising in a good way?

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  1. therextras says:

    Not the contest judge this time, but I think your post is encouraging in a miraculous way.

    (All you are missing is a photo of the miracle boy!) *wink*


  2. I loved this!

    My favorite, "He sees"

    I'll have to check out this contest.

  3. ferfischer says:

    That's a pretty great list!

  4. Lots of little miracles.

  5. Great post, Katy! So proud of Charlie for all that he can do!

  6. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    What a great list! What wonderful miracles! You can put me in the category of the parent who wishes her child could do those things. Way to go Charlie!

  7. WHOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! KATY, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! This was perfect and just what I was hoping for! Now I must say, I was being slightly selfish, hoping for some positive messages before Faith's surgery. SOOOOO Happy! And those things are NO SMALL thing! NO not at all! What wonderful things, little man!

  8. Seems like Charlie is doing great! Emma doesn't have as many accomplishments as Charlie, but I expect she'll catch up soon – and I hope to remember the thrill of the moment for longer than a couple of days!

  9. I know what you mean about taking thing for granted once they learn something new.

    The one thing I will never forget is the day that my mom put Ben down in front of her (standing) and held his hands above his head and he "walked". I actually never though that he would even make those movements at all. It completely awed me and made me realize that only he knows what he'll accomplish.

    Your Charlie is a miracle. I've been following your blog for over a year now (and I read all the way to the beginning) and he is amazing! He has accomplished so much.

  10. I just love Candace she is so cute. Great miraculous things you have posted, amazing Charlie!!!

  11. Christine says:

    We often lose sight of the "everyday" miracles. Charlie is remarkable and so are his parents.

  12. Sarah's Mom says:

    I read all the comments and noone could exceed them . . . very moving and made with such joy. But I'll definitely piggyback on what Christine wrote . . . that it's all too easy to lose sight of the miracles that happen everyday. Your Charlie is remarkable and so are his parents.