Even though I wasn’t talking about myself–I was talking about the collective of mothers–I should have known better than to title my post “Mother Knows Best.” It’s like asking the Universe to prove you wrong.

Speaking of. . .

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a nagging cough that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. Nothing serious–just a cough–but it wouldn’t go away. I wanted to go to the doctor, but Charlie’s schedule is pretty full, I hated to take him with me and possibly expose him to the flu, we had a wheelchair to pick out, yada, yada, yada. I didn’t feel bad enough for it to be the flu so I was guessing that it was allergies or something else minor.

I went through an entire bottle of cough syrup and bought another. We washed all the sheets and blankets in the house and vacuumed every nook and cranny. That darn cough was still there though.

This past week the cough seemed to get worse and I also noticed that I was feeling run down. Genius that I am, I still don’t think the cough is a big deal. I start talking about my lousy eating habits and the fact that I need to exercise. I take walks and start doing a little workout DVD in my living room.

Saturday morning I wake up and have a coughing spell so bad that it scared me–I had trouble catching my breath. So I head over to one of those after-hours clinics to see what he thinks. Side note: my friends calls those places Doc in a Box and I think that’s hilarious.

So I go see the Doc in a Box and after listening to my chest, reviewing my symptoms, and ruling out a few things, the doctor tells me I have Whooping Cough. I leave with a fist-full of prescriptions. Apparently not all coughs can be cured with a salad and a workout DVD.

Charlie’s been given a prescription for antibiotics as well although he’s been vaccinated at least once, so his risk of serious infection is pretty low. Apparently some adults outgrow their vaccinations which is how I got it. My husband seems fine. Charlie and I are both on quarantine until Friday. We have no idea where I might have picked up whooping cough–my best guess is the pediatrician’s office.

It really is ironic because I never would have let a cough go on that long with Charlie. With me, however, I have a bad habit of putting my needs at the bottom of the list. There’s laundry and family dinners and appointments and intellectual programs and research to be done. I really do need to get a little better about attending to my own needs as well as my family’s.

I’ll be attempting to rest this week–that can be hard when you have a toddler at home, but I’m gonna try.

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  1. Wow. Sorta scary.

    I'm the same way when it comes to my health, it seems to be my last priority as I'm trying to keep everyone else healthy.

    Feel better soon.

  2. Yikes! I know the cough you're talking about. My oldest was hospitalized at two months old with what they thought was Pertussis/Whooping Cough. It ended up being a bad case of RSV but the whole turning gray and not breathing thing was pretty scary. The pediatrician suspected Pertussis not just because of his turning gray but because it happened more often in our particular area because there was a small community just over the state border that didn't immunize. Breakouts of Pertussis were not uncommon.

    Anyway, nasty bug. I've been living with a cougher for the past month. I have a husband who doesn't think he can spare the time to rest, let alone see a doctor, until he is so sick with a secondary infection he's on antibiotics and nursing two pulled muscles in his back and ribs from coughing so hard.

    I know it's hard to rest when you have a child to look after and appointments you've make months in advance but stay down. My OB gave me instructions last week to take 20 minutes each day for a walk without children and at least one hour of alone time once a week. (Going to Costco without the kids didn't qualify as ME time.) I wanted to tell him "I know, I know, I saw the Oprah on this, but it doesn't make it any easier." I made it for a walk twice this week so I guess it's better than nothing.

  3. Baylee and Blair's page says:

    I'm glad you went to the Dr. That is really scary!!!

    I think us Mom's that are so busy taking our kids to their appts do push our medical care to the wayside. It's just not top priority. I will be happy to say that in a 1 week period of time I had my annual pap and mammogram! I felt better about getting those things out of the way so I could get back to concentrating on the girls!

    Hugs – Tiff

  4. ferfischer says:

    Ugh! Being sick like that really sucks. And I totally hear you on putting yourself last. There's so much to get done, and nothing will happen if I don't do it, so mommies don't get sick days! I'll just do my best and hope that's good enough!

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    I hope you feel better soon.

  6. blogzilly says:

    It's astonishing how little effort we make when it comes to taking care of ourselves compared to how much effort we make when it comes to our kids.

  7. oh my! good thing you went to the doctor, hope you feel better soon.

  8. desperate housewife says:

    I hope you feel better really soon! Yikes, that's crazy that a GROWN UP can get whooping cough. or, you know, ANYONE in this day and age.

  9. We have had whole schools closed in AR because of whooping cough outbreaks. Jacob Holsted had it one year. Their whole family couldn't go anywhere. It was Halloween. I was their go to girl. I went and got them stuff like medicine and had to ring the doorbell and leave it on the front step. You know Crystal. She had a plan I had to stick to. Well, I hope you feel better soon, and I will pray Andre and Charlie don't get it.

  10. LOL Docs in a box. Priceless!
    You know, it's hard. We're busy. We've got priorities–and the kids usually wind up first in line–UNTIL mom comes down with whooping cough! I haven't been to the dentist in over 2 years–but I'll be darned if Caleb or the girls miss their 6 month checkups. My teeth will probably fall out before I'm 40. I hope you get some time to take care of yourself! Feel better!

  11. Oh no!! Feel better!

  12. We have had an outbreak of whooping cough in our area too. Jude has not had his second set of shots, we got the first, and then never did anymore. Makes me rethink the situation I guess.

  13. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    Putting everyone else's needs above our own – sounds about right! Isn't that always the way for a mom? Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I have nominated you for an award. Come over to my blog and pick it up. : )

  14. Oh Katy. OH.

    I had whooping cough in college and it was awful. I am so sorry. From what I learned, the vaccine wears off and is only moderately effective in adults without a booster. I am so glad you got that checked out. I waited so long, I actually cracked two ribs from coughing. TRUE STORY.

    I feel for you.

  15. Whooping cough????!!!!! Good grief! I am so paranoid about going out to all the dr's. I am gripping my trusty bottle of hand sanitizer everywhere I go! I pray that you start feeling better, Katy. I am the same way, though. I won't go to the dr unless I am forced to!