Good Things

In no particular order, things that make me smile:

  1. Pirate Pete–a fifteen dollar piece of plastic that is currently haunting our garden. I just love him.
  2. Charlie’s first “drawing.”
  3. Bannana nut bread.
  4. This post where Connor’s mom talks about making her house handicap accessible AND stylish. My kind of woman.
  5. Cool weather (FINALLY).
  6. Continued success at Story Time at the library. He’s pretty much keeping his eyes open, but now he whines when they turn off the Raffi music–I think it’s an improvement although the librarian may disagree.
  7. Going tailgating at LSU yesterday and running into another special needs mommy that I know in real life. Watch out for the Holland Mafia–we’re everywhere!
  8. The Lady in White in the mail from Netflix. This was the scary movie when I was a kid and I’m planning on turning off all the lights and scaring myself to death. Perfect for this time of year.
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  1. Wherever HE Leads We'll Go says:

    I remember that movie! I can still hear the little girl singing – so creepy!

    I am also with you on Banana Nut Bread – DELICIOUS!

  2. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    I love the drawing and Pirate Pete and banana bread. I don't know The Lady in White…

  3. I see why Pirate Pete makes you smile… same effect over here.

    You just had to mention banana bread… a favorite! Toasted with gobs of butter, oh, but minus the nuts. Yum yum for my tum tum.

  4. Small Town Girl says:

    Fun stuff!! :)

  5. Funny you mention Banana nut bread….Alexandra was just asking if we could make some about an hour ago.

  6. Katy, great post. I save all Faith's little scribble pages too! I send them to friends and family in cards and especially to work with Carl for his office! The pirate is so cute!

  7. Small Town Girl says:

    BTW, it just dawned on me how much funnier that little guy coming out of the ground is in New Orleans. :)

  8. an artist in the making

  9. Baylee and Blair's page says:

    Love it all!

    Hugs – Tiff