Good Things

In no particular order, some things that make me happy:

Bones on DVD

Chocolate chip cheese ball (mine doesn’t have any butter).

My brand-new purse in a mustard yellow for fall (don’t worry, I got it on deep discount).

Books from–cheaper than Amazon and cheap shipping too.

The Tigers having a winning season.

The Saints doing well too.

and. . . .

Charlie getting himself into this position all on his own:

Of course once he was up there he had no idea what to do, but I’ll take it. His butt was even higher when he started, but we had to run to find the camera.
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  1. Mamá Terapeuta says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! It's incredible how great he is doing!!!!!!
    I'm so glad for you both!!

  2. He is so cute…and that new crawling position is great!!!

  3. Small Town Girl says:

    Great! The chocolate chip cheeseball has me wondering, that's for sure…

  4. Yay, Charlie!!!
    Also, I love the purse- I am really into yellow toned colors lately (which is hard b/c it doesn't look good with my blonde hair, unfortunately), but I am vicariously excited for your mustard yellow purse! :)
    What books did you get? I went on an Amazon spree yesterday. :)

  5. Yah Charlie!

    Can I sit down with you and watch Bones? I love Bones.

  6. Nadine Hightower says:

    Woo Hoo!! Charlie!!! Go Charlie Go!!

    Love the purse. I recently bought a fauxLouieV Pink with lots of gold shiney stuff, but I still carry mycrazycat Lady tote.

  7. Katy,

    Charlie is doing so well! You are doing such a great job with all the time you spend to help him. I think you could work for your early intervention program, you know what to do and how to help Charlie!

    Great job,

    Gwen in Florida

  8. That's awesome! We could never get Graham to do that. He walked before he crawled.. and he was TWO when he started walking!

  9. woo hoo! that is an awesome crawling position! go charlie!

  10. I don't want to jinx it, but I think the Saints make the playoffs this year and I would not be surprised AT ALL to see them in the Super Bowl. They are one of about 5 NFC teams I could really see getting there.

  11. Oh goodness! Guess what!? Elisabeth just started doing that on her own this past week too!

    Exciting, isn't it?!

  12. That is so great, Charlie! Hey, Katy, have you tried for books? We like it better than any of the others! Last time I ordered I got 15 books, mostly sign language books and some kids ASL books, for $22 including shipping. And alot of those were big books w/ hundreds of pages!

  13. Hey Katy,

    I do ABR too! I also used to teach school, before having a child with multiple special needs. I have been luking, and I just came out over at Ellen's page. That Max is something.

    AND, WOW!! Your Charlie is amazing, and so are you! WOW!! I am keeping up with his progress because it is outstanding. Can you attribute most of his changes to ABR?

    I am struggling with ABR this second period. I know, and I just started in APRIL!!! I was doing great with 3 exercise, but when I got (4), I seem to have fallen apart. Charlie is inspiring me to keep going forward though. Unfortunately, my Emma is not as young as Charilie. At five, I am thinking it may take us a bit longer!! Did IAHP and other therapies!! Good results intellectually, not so much good results physically. That is why I am trying ABR. Looking at Charlie, I wish I had done it sooner with Emma.

    Awesome work Mommy and Charile.

  14. Chocolate chip cheese ball? Do post the recipe.

  15. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    Yay for Charlie!

    CC cheese balls look pretty yummy and the purse screams fun to me. I've never seen Bones or shopped at

    I like the Saints but I'm not high on the Tigers having a winning season though…I'm a Twins fan so the Tigers are bringing me down.

  16. Hooray! This is amazing!