Up Next: Falling Down in Front of a Large Group of People

I’ve already established Charlie’s love of rap music.

Well, I’m pretty liberal in what I let him listen to. I’m not a huge fan of censorship when it comes to literature, so I try to not go too parental advisory with music either. Despite what my Dad says, I think all music is an art form and while some is clearly executed better than others, that doesn’t mean that we should restrict it.

I have my limits, though. I try to only download the radio versions of songs–I avoid profanity and blatant sexual references, but I try not to edit based on innuendo. That’ s why my kid can listen to Lollipop but I’m not comfortable with Blame it on the Alcohol. One dances all around it and the other just comes right out and says it. While we’re on the subject, how is it possible that Birthday Sex is a song that plays during the lunch hour? And have you listened to the lyrics? It’s your birthday, here’s some sex? How ’bout you get me some flowers and take me out to dinner, mmkay?

So there’s this song called Gigolo. I didn’t download it, but it came on one of those NOW Cd’s I bought several years ago. I don’t let Charlie listen to the whole song, but he really likes the beginning with its flute-like melody, so I let him listen to that part and then skip on. Besides, I’ve tried listening to the lyrics, I’ve even read them on the Internet and they are completely unintelligible–and this is coming from a person who taught special ed for five years.

So today we’re at the pediatrician’s office and Charlie is whining whining whining. Apparently Ice Age isn’t his thing. So I reach in my purse, grab my iPod and let him start listening just to keep the peace.

You can see where I’m going with this, right?

He makes it through weigh-in and the nurse’s exam with no problems. When the doctor comes in, though, he starts whining again. I pick up the iPod to see what he’s listening to–he’ll often whine when he wants me to change the song. Well, he’s whining ’cause it’s playing Gigolo and that’s not a song that he listens to. As I’m changing it, though, his pediatrician exclaims, “Does that say Gigolo?”

Ummmmm, yeah.

Later today I’ll be sending out invites to my funeral because I’m pretty sure I died of embarrassment right then and there.

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  1. Mamá Terapeuta says:


  2. yeah, i let the twins listen to probably inappropriate songs…shaggy's "luv me luv" me comes to mind… but i still think they are too young to really hear the words…when they start mentioning moaning and sweating i am sure i'll know it's time for g rated songs only…

  3. blogzilly says:

    LOL that's hysterical.

  4. MeghatronsMom says:

    One of my friends just posted a blog about the birthday song, it was too funny. If you want the link, let me know.

    As for music, Meghan goes around singing "If You Seek Amy"—-

    I agree about the not censoring thing unless it is super foul. I refuse to buy CDs @ Sam Walton's place due to their censoring.

    I will attend your funeral! I am sure the whole Holland Mafia will show up. We need to get a button made of that so we can put it on our blogs. Can I steal the phrase & try?

  5. TOO FUNNY!! Grace is now singing the words to Billie Jean and Lady GaGa's Poker Face.

    Hey when are you coming back this way? I really want to meet!

  6. Yeah, I've given up on censorship. What ever makes my girl happy. Lady Gaga, Britney and Dirty Dancing top Caleigh's smile and giggle factor.

    Did I mention she likes Regatone? V-ton, Yankee Daddy, Pitbull…I don't even listen to this, but a friend made a CD for me and it was a last ditch resort one day. She uber loves it!

    I'll attend the funeral!

  7. Small Town Girl says:

    Ha ha, I love it! It's funny how kids like those dance beat-type songs better than regular old songs, isn't it?

  8. Rural Felicity says:

    Too funny! G LOVES a lot of the same music Charlie does. lol Makes are frequent car rides bearable. :) And yeah, Birthday Sex playing at noon?? craziness

  9. Nadine Hightower says:

    Don't sweat it….Music is a good learning tool. Rap or not.

  10. Nadine Hightower says:

    And I want pix of you and tote at games!!

  11. Yeah, I'm pretty evil when it comes to the music I let the kids listen to, especially the girls as awful as that sounds, but I just think if kids are exposed to the same messages over and over and over through tv or music or videogames or whatever, they become complacent and sex/drug use/violence is just not something I want them to be complacent about just yet. Just one of the many soapboxes I like to stand on.

  12. hahahaha!

  13. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    Ha, that's very funny!

  14. Oh NOOOOOO, Katy! That is terrible! LOLOLOLOLOLOLO!

  15. Baylee and Blair's page says:

    OMG… that is freaking hilarious!!!