To Whom it May Concern

Dear Hospital Billing:

  1. When you make a coding error, I don’t think that I should have to waste hours of my time straightening it out. You are actually receiving a pay check for dealing with billing. I am not. Also, I have a toddler screaming in my face because I’m ignoring him.
  2. Sending multiple bills for the same procedure is a horrible practice–I don’t know who came up with it, but it sucks. Surely with the gazillions of dollars streaming into you facility you could find some way to put it all on one bill.
  3. Charging 1200 dollars for a “room” when my son had out-patient surgery seems like a bit of a stretch. Plus, it wasn’t so much a room as it was a rocking chair a bed and a curtain. Rooms have walls.
  4. When I agree to pay in installments, please don’t call me every five days about my account. You’re getting my money–now leave me alone.
  5. I am not a moron. I understand the terms of my policy. I know I have a deductible. You, on the other hand, seem to be confused about the entire process.
  6. When I call YOU about my billing, please don’t act like I’m a degenerate who doesn’t pay their bills. I’m trying to straighten it out–do degenerates do that?
  7. And finally, please do not expect me to blindly pay an UN-ITEMIZED bill for $300 dollars from 2008.

Thank You,

The Mother of a Special Needs Child

PS: Going to see the neurosurgeon next Wednesday, but we’re managing the temper tantrums pretty well around here. It may just be a case of the terrible twos.

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  1. I am so glad that you posted this. Been there, done that, more often than I care to admit. You are much more calm than I.

  2. therextras says:

    I am also glad you posted a 'we're doin' okay' message. Yea, I was checking to find out the results of the MD appt….

    You know how I feel about insurance aka billing for medical care. Sincere sympathy. And praying that one system is not given omniscient control over all medical billing.

  3. Jessica says:

    My husband will appreciate this. I make him deal with all the hospital bills, for all the reasons you described. My approach was to throw them in the junk drawer… actually I dont even think I opened the envelopes.

  4. Melanie says:

    LOL well I hope you told them! I usually attempt to resolve but then get ticked off and pass it off to Lonnie….just cause I want him to yell at them and get nasty!

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    You've made changes. I like. I've been gone.

    Gee, I can't give you any clues to fix the temper tantrums. That's something you'll have to ride out. Stand your ground.

    And the billing stuff. Over every thing. EVERY THING!! There was a newsprogram that said only 14% of hospital billing was correct. 14%!!
    86% WRONG!!!!!!!

    The kitties are cute. Emma has a sweet face.

  6. Heather says:


  7. Small Town Girl says:

    Gotta love medical bills. Seriously.

  8. ParkerMama says:

    Whoa! Are we living in parallel universes or what.

    My best advice? Bite into their butts and don't let go. Let 'em feel some pain from all of us.

    ~ahem ;D

    Tammy and Parker
    @ParkerMama on Twitter

  9. wherever HE leads we'll go says:

    Hospital/Doctor bill issues can be so frustrating. I have received countless bills in error and when I call about them – they say oh sorry you can just ignore that. Bet if I naively paid it – they would not complain!

    And why does a hospital just think we will pay an unitemized bill? Do we have money just burning holes in our pockets and just need someone to hand it to?

  10. blairspage says:

    OMG… you spelled that out exactly how I've been feeling at times. I've been dealing with assholes who want their money RIGHT NOW… they don't want to let me pay it out… which I think is a bunch of S-H-I-T!

    Hugs – Tiff

  11. Amen! I have been taking care of my mom's medical bills since she was diagnosed with cancer last December. They are all crazy and greedy! I am sorry that my mom's insurance thinks that $300 is excessive when all you did was come into the hospital room, say your still here? and then leave never once touching her and you expect me to pay the difference. I am doing the best that I can and it may take a long while to pay you off but I am paying you every month so just deal! Sending me a letter in the mail every other day isn't going to get me to be able to pay you any faster!
    As you can tell, I feel your pain!

  12. Mj–I'm not lying when I say that I just throw away unopened bills when they send more than one a month.

  13. Belated note to say, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those billing people will get to you every single time.