For Shame

I’ve alluded to this previously, but I’m not sure everyone understands. . .

I have ruined my child.

What, you say. Surely not. Not you, Katy, who reads books on development and creates lesson plans and travels to other countries to give him the best life possible. You could not possibly have ruined your child. He’s only two.

But I have. My mother knows. She actually outed me to a nurse at the hospital. Of course, the nurse didn’t belive her.

You see, it’s rapidly becoming clear that Charlie has developed an unhealthy obsession with rap music.

There. I said it.

I started off with the best of intentions. Charlie and I take a couple of long drives a week. We usually cross the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain at least twice a week and that adds up to about two hours in the car total for each trip. I would dutifully put in either a Fisher Price alphabet CD or a Fisher Price Numbers CD. I mean, I wasn’t going to waste precious developmental time with stuff like Top 40! This is my baby’s brain we’re talking about here!

And the songs were cute and I didn’t mind them too much and then all of the sudden I was like IF I HAVE TO HEAR KITTEN KABOODLE ONE MORE TIME.

So I put on the radio for a few minutes.

Just a few minutes more.

Half the drive–that’s it!

Well, seriously, nobody ever died from listening to Top 40 music, right?

So here we are today. He likes some guitarists, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Brit brit, and pretty much any rap song you can think of. If you play country he will completely lose his mind with the screaming. It’s ridiculous.

I sounds like I’m exaggerating, right?

Here’s a picture of Charlie listening to some random song:

And here he is listening to “Come, Baby, Come” by K7:

You may not know this, but that is actually the CP version of dropping it like it’s hot (def 1).

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  1. Shannon says:

    I LOVE it!!!

    I had to stop listening to Adam Carolla's podcast in the car because two little girls were picking up some unhealthy language.

  2. I'm dying–DYING–that is hilarious. Charlie got his momma's good taste in music.

  3. I said out loud "holy crap, that's hilarious." Ace started yelling "HOLY CRAP." See? I'm a good mom too. And holy crap, that picture is hilarious.

  4. Gina (Mannyed) says:

    That is classic! Look at Charlie get down!!!

  5. Oh, p.s.–I'm actually a little more obnoxious about not letting the kids listen to the radio, but even I get pretty frickin tired of the preschool sing along songs, and I do have a rough plan to assassinate Laurie Berkner. some cds that the kids love that actually have some pretty dancing songs: the best–Madagascar 2 soundtrack (will i am does about half the songs on it), happy feet soundtrack, and this violin duo called nuthin but strings. they're awesome.

  6. haha…that is such a cute picture…milo also loves lady gaga, i guess her name is fitting if babies like her music, lol.

  7. caryanne says:

    LOVE this!! And love the pics of Charlie. He is awesome.

  8. Plakidas says:

    Too funny! Thanks for the smile :)

  9. Small Town Girl says:

    Ha ha, I love it! :)

    Although, I'm not sure that your son and I would get along musically. Bummer.

  10. LOL! That's great!

  11. haha! so cute. charlie should come over to our house for a lady ga ga dance party! it's a favorite around these parts, too.

  12. Amy Genn says:

    Great post!….Even better pictures!

    My son ended up liking Creedence Clearwater Revival because his Dad had it in the CD changer after Elmo. Each time he'd listen to one more song…and ended up being able to listen to the whole album!
    Wouldn't have been my choice, but at least it gave me a break from Elmo once in a while.
    I am slowly trying to break Eli into different kinds of music! :)
    Have fun with it. You aren't ruining him! :)

  13. Nadine Hightower says:

    Another white boy lost to rap…oh my.

  14. AHHHH! I LOVE this post! The before and after pics are the BEST EVER!

    And yes, we love the rap in our house too:)