Back to the Bath

Well, I’ve reached a stumbling block with my bathroom. . .


You see, when we started my quest to paint the house, I chose a slightly off-white shade of white called Quail Egg. But then I bought this towel bar, which has a white/white little piece on it. I’ve held the paint sample up to the towel bar about a million times and I don’t like the way it looks.


I’ve got a couple of options:

  1. I can paint the bathroom a whiter shade of white, but that would mean two different whites in the house and then I start to get tense wondering about the ceiling and what if I want to paint the trim and on and on.
  2. I can paint the bathroom a different color, but I’m not sure what.
  3. I can embrace the different whites and just go with it.

I think it’s time to consult with some of my magazines and see if I can get some ideas.

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  1. I have a turquoise bathroom. I love it. I also get a surprising amount of compliments on it. Not sure that will work for you, but I love turquoise :) Good luck with your magazine search.

  2. Jessica says:

    I think bathrooms are a great place to play with color. I think your towel bar was a sign that you need some color. One color that my girlfriend and I have been loving lately (she's remodeling) is Gray. I know it sounds drap but it really isnt and there are so many variations, warmer and cooler tones. It can be very sophisticated and make a statement while staying relatively neutral. Does it sound like I watch too much HGTV???

  3. Heather says:

    Grrr, I can't remember what magazine I just read it in, but the article was talking about decorating myths, one being paint colors had to flow room to room. Not so. July Better Homes and Gardens has some really nice samples of blue paint ideas. I love crisp white but deep down, I love color, especially the blues.

  4. Well, y'all are my kind of girls. I am a BIG fan of color of just about any kind. I'm going to do some searching and see what I come up with!

  5. I vote for COLOR!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Put a few squares of color on the quail white wall…and one around that darn towel bar!

  7. Small Town Girl says:

    I pick different color! :) I LOVE colored bathrooms, they're so fun.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This bathroom post is just killing me. What else you got?


  9. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    I agree with Jessica…bathrooms are a fun place to play with color. We have a lavender bathroom and I love it. After seven years I still smile at the color. Can't wait to hear/see what you decide.