Real Quick

Just read a comment from Toni that reminded me that I hadn’t updated the new info I had on the seizure situation. Come back tomorrow if you’re looking for the long, gushy post about how my baby just turned two.

The doctor’s office called and said that she wouldn’t be back until next week, so I went over to the hospital and paid a dollar to get a copy of the report myself. Upon reading it, I discovered that a year ago he had one area of his brain that misfired. This time, he had a couple of areas. This doesn’t mean that he had a seizure–it means that those areas are areas that COULD cause seizures. He didn’t have any seizures during the test or anything like that.

I’ll see what the doctor says when she calls, but this just seems like more of the same as opposed to something new to be worried about. In the mean time, I haven’t seen any more of those staring spells, so maybe I was imagining it/freaking out for no reason.

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  1. Heather says:

    I don't know about a lot of the things you deal with, but seizures, I've got covered. My oldest had seizures for 7 years, and my youngest had seizures for 6 years. We've had more MRI's and EEG's than a person should, the worst, was back to back EEG's, where I was exhausted, and I had to have them exhausted..

    Anyway, I digress.

    The thing I always told my oldest, is that we can handle seizures. Sure, they were an inconvenience, but it was not life threatening, and only used up about 5 minutes of his time.

    Medication worked wonders for us, once we found a kind that worked.

    They are now both off medication, and we've been medicine free/seizure free for three whole months.

    It was such an easy "problem" to deal with though.

  2. Oh, I hate the sleep-deprived EEGs!!!

    You really are right. We're not even dealing with actual seizures–just the threat of them, and that's something I can definitely handle.

    I would love to be medication free one day!