I Took it Down

I took down the post I wrote last night. I was annoyed by something that I read about fake bloggers. But. . . I guess I came across unwelcoming to visitors to my blog and I don’t want that, so down it goes! Guests welcome!

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  1. Shannon says:

    Bleh…I think we all get that tired of anonymous, etc. at some point(s) during our blogging career. Some people just simply don't ever have anything positive to say and hide behind anonymity of the internet.

  2. You said what you felt…nothin' wrong with that!

  3. I am just upset over fake blogs with moms who say their kids are "sick" and they aren't…sigh! Makes me mad girl, makes me mad

  4. i liked that post. i learned a lot about you and charlie by clicking through to your earlier blog. but of course it's yours to take down if you so choose!

  5. Thanks, Kelly, that makes me feel better, but I would hate to make others feel excluded.