Fun Fact Friday

The fact is. . . I have no facts today. What I do have are three opinion questions and I’d love for you to answer them.

1. We need a new front door knob/lock combo. There’s a fun fact for you. We ordered a new one six months ago and the bizarro woman we bought it for, never actually ordered it. We didn’t pay for it, but still . . . how hard can it be to place an order? Anyway, I’ve narrowed it to two choices. To describe my house, it’s got a big front porch and we live in a “historic district” so many of the houses are about one-hundred-year-old summer cottages that fancy-pants New Orleanians used to have. Plain, but Victorian inspired. Our house is actually newer (1988 or so), but designed to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. My thoughts are either:
On the interior we’re going with a crystal knob because I have always, always wanted one. I’m not sure what finish we’re going to get. I’m leaning towards a brushed nickel, but my Hubby prefers the rubbed brass. We’ll see.

2. What do you think makes a nice present for a second wedding? A friend of mine is re-marrying and I’d like to get him and his new wife a little something. I don’t think they NEED anything per se, but I’d like to at least acknowledge the big day. Any ideas?

3. Would you go to someone you know who’s a dentist? I have a friend, we met my sophomore year of college and she’s a dentist. I made an appointment at her office, but I made it with the other dentist. I thought it would be weird having her look at my plaque and whatnot–what do you think? Am I over-thinking?

So, answer all three or just answer the ones you feel like answering–I’d love your feedback!

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  1. Small Town Girl says:

    1. I pick A. Mostly because it's a little more "ornate" and I think that might go with the area better.

    2. Something unique. Hand painted wine glasses (I happen to know someone who does this), dressed up silverware, etc. Something kinda crafty–something they'll be like "Oh, yeah, we got that from Katy & Hub".

    3. Yes, you are overthinking. It's not like she's a gyno or something! It's a dentist…teeth really aren't that personal in my book.

  2. I like the bottom option.

    I like the idea of painted wine glasses.

    I would NOT go to my friend-dentist. No way. I know teeth aren't my vagina, but still …

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like all the door pick anyone.

    Why not gift them one of your paintings. What could be more personal?

    I dunno…kinda weird on the dentist thang…I probably wouldn't go to her either.

  4. 1. A – any finish depending on your house color. I like them all.

    2. I usually make something like this Not exactly that, but similar, it was the only picture I could find.
    I order the vinyl decal and buy a mirror at Ross, or Kohls, or TJ Maxx.

    3. This wouldn't bother me. The dentist is only in your face for a couple of minutes. The hygienist will clean your teeth.

  5. MellyAnne says:

    My dentist is my sister's best friend, a former volleyball partner, and overall good friend… its nice… there's less akward smalltalk and more actually conversation. Visits go by faster, and aside from my need to do a better job flossing, I leave with clean teeth and an overall feeling like i've been to see friends.

  6. Have never commented before, but felt like I should on the dentist question. My husband is a dentist, and he always refers friends/acquaintances to the other dentist in his practice. He hates the awkwardness that comes with seeing people he knows, and also wants the patient to be as comfortable as possible. Love your blog!

  7. 1. Definitely A.

    2. Something the couple would use, a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or a massage?

    3. Why not?

  8. 1) B

    2) donation in their name to a charity?

    3) no way

  9. Heather says:

    1)B- in either brushed nickel or rubbed brass. Depends on the color or finish of your door. Still, both are neutral choices. I too am determined to have a crystal knob.

    2)Give 'em one of your paintings. Even if the couple needs basics, I always buy gifts that give ME pleasure to buy. I really like Polish pottery.

    3)I prefer dentists I don't know. If you aren't pleased with the quality of service, the wait time, the hygenist, etc., you won't have any ackwardness never returning.

  10. 1. Either one, sorry – I'm a big help huh?

    2. If you have a picture of the two of them maybe you could get it laser etched into a wooden photo album cover.

    3. Yes you are over thinking. I have a friend's husband who is an OB/GYN and I see him once a year in his office and a couple of times a month at their house when we get together. Believe me plaque is nothing compared to what he sees…lol

  11. Wow, Stacy–I don't think I could do that!

  12. desperate housewife says:

    Bird- I agree with you re: Stacy's bravery! Man, my old ob was the dad of one of my HUSBAND'S classmates and it still icked me out when they'd be standing there chatting about their mutual acquaintance while I was getting a freaking pelvic exam!
    Oh, and I liked the first one of the doorknobs. For wedding gifts? No clue.

  13. luckeyfrog says:

    I think an art piece- maybe something with their last name?- might be really great.

  14. 1. I like B. I am not too much into ornate myself.

    2. I got gift certificates at my 'not-first' wedding. That was fine so I could buy what we wanted.

    3. I go to a dentist that is a friend. I don't have any problems separating that fact that she sees my teeth and we see each other socially. I prefer to go to her because I trust her and I have a real problem with dentists in general.

  15. sitting on the mood swing at the playground says:

    1. I like B.

    2. I think giving one of our paintings is a great idea.

    3. I met my dentist at my brother's holiday party. I figured he couldn't/wouldn't be mean to me if he was friends with my brother. Now I actually look forward to going and catching up on things…and no longer apologize for my lack of flossing.

  16. You are over thinking the dentist thing. I would let you be my dentist if you were one and you are my friend. I think the second of the door knobs. I like an art work idea for the new marriage. He deserves something and to be happy. Sorry my answers are not in order, but that is pretty much me. You know, not much order.