Winner Time!

Well, everyone had lovely summer thoughts and I even laughed at the person who admitted hating it. I went ahead and used the random number generator to pick three numbers.

The first place winner is. . .


Melanie will win a custom-made alphabet canvas. Something like this, but custom-made to her specifications.

The second place winner. . .

Melio will be winning the print of her choice from my shop. I’ve added a few more this week, so there’s plenty to choose from–kid stuff and not kid stuff.

The third-place winner was. . .


Barbara is winning the surprise gift, which is a set of ten note cards. These note cards are based on some of the paintings in my shadow series and are printed on white cards with a linen texture. I’m really loving the way they turned out so I hope you like them, Barbara. I’ll be listing them in my shop next week, so she’ll be the first person to own some.

Thanks, everyone for playing–I had a great time reading all the responses now I have a l-o-n-g list of blogs to check out. If you’d like to become a fan of my shop click here and then you’ll find out when I add new items to the store, have sales etc.

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  1. therextras says:

    Woohoo! I LOVE winning! And I LOVE stationery! I love them already, Bird!

    Something functional AND art AND exclusive – couldn’t make me feel more special! Thanks SO much, Bird!

    (Now to go find out why cjengo is famous—!)

  2. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I will email you soon :) Thank you SO much!

  3. OK! I know what I want. Of course, I’ll have to buy a couple others to complete the set (I have issues with only having one).

    Where can I email you at?