Weight Shifting

Our PT has taken back our loaner gait trainer for a bit, so we’re practicing weight-shifting the old-fashioned way. I swear I don’t sound like that in real life!

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  1. OMG that is so frickin’ awesome. I found myself sitting here watching the video and saying “come on big boy you can do it!” and then I clapped my hands when he did!!! I’m by myself, but I clapped anyways. I’m so proud of him!!

  2. therextras says:

    Fantastic, Bird! I mean, fantastic, Charlie! Both of you!

    His desire and movement toward a toy reinforces his cognitive development, too.

    The ‘old-fashioned way’ – hehe. That would be, uhm, take-away support as he gains ability. Hope that never goes out of fashion.


  3. so proud of charlie! thats awesome – thanks for sharing.

  4. Go Charlie!

  5. I am so happy for YouTube because we can actually see this–it would not be the same if you attempted to explain it in words.