Have I Mentioned?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it too much on here, but I put my family on a diet. Basically, I saw all the pictures that my SIL took of me in Dallas and decided that I’d had enough. I don’t think I look huge, but I don’t look the way I want to either, so I needed to make a change.

Anyone who has a family will tell you that diets are tough because you’ve got to get everyone on board. I’m lucky because Charlie will eat anything. My husband is a different story, though. He doesn’t like anything pre-packaged, so my former dieting technique of eating Campbell’s soup and Lean Cuisines wasn’t going to work this time. For the record, that was a great way to lose weight when I wasn’t feeding anybody else.

So I went to the store and bought a Cooking Light Cookbook, made a grocery list, went shopping, and started cooking. Generally, I’m not the cooking type. I’m more of the eating type. I knew I was going to have to cook to make this work, though.

So far I’ve had to buy a lot of ingredients in the grocery store isle marked “Oriental/Hispanic.” Most of the food has been good, but it’s definitely different than what I’m used to eating. Also, the cookbook gives exact parameters for portions and I think it’s safe to say that my husband and I were eating almost twice what we should at mealtimes.

I’ve cheated some and I think I’ve lost three or four pounds in two weeks. I was dragging my husband along in the beginning and now he’s definitely more gung-ho than I am. Did I mention I really like eating?

The funny thing is that I started this because I was tired of feeling fat, but there are all these other advantages that are cropping up as well. Since I’m cooking our meals, we have more time in the evenings to get other things done–nobody has to stop and pick something up and we don’t have to go out either. I think we’re saving money too because the portions are smaller and we have plenty of leftovers for Hubby to take to work the next day.

I’m no Donna Reed and it’s definitely a lot more work this way, but I really think it’s a good thing. Sure hope I can keep it up!

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  1. desperate housewife says:

    That’s great! I’ve been in a huge rut about cooking lately. But I made a gorgeous salad the other day, so maybe I’m getting my groove back, too!

  2. Small Town Girl says:

    Good luck, my dear! I’m getting back on the healthier food bandwagon again. After vacation I feel like I’ve put on a good 15 pounds and need to do something. Not to mention the unflattering photos. Yikes. At least I just have myself to feed, but I DO need to pay closer attention to portion sizes.

  3. Nadine Hightower says:

    It’s always a good idea to eat right and if some weight comes off…cool. Get out there on your bike too.


  4. Gina (Mannyed) says:

    I’m trying to conscience of the portions, too. I think that’s half the battle right there.

  5. Great job with the cooking! I can recommend another cookbook that’s really easy. Saving Dinner. It’s set up by seasons, then by weeks, and comes with a grocery list. I’m making the skillet chili chicken tomorrow.
    I started Turbo Jam last Sunday. If you’re up late and watching informercials, it’s on.
    Good luck getting back on track.

  6. ahhhh. . . my PT just ordered Turbo Jam and is going to be doing with another one of her moms.

  7. Homemade meals are a lot cheaper than take-out. I think you will find that your food expenditures will drop!

    I would also think that if you are being conscientious that it would be much healthier to eat at home.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Take it from someone who’s struggled with obesity their entire life….I had weight loss surgery almost 5 months ago. I can tell you one thing I’ve learned about food and dieting(besides the psychological) and that is this: Keep the simple carbs to an absolute minimum, focus on protein, protein, protein, and watch portions..the weight will melt away. I just wish I had the discipline to do this myself without the aid of WLS. Hang in there..take it from someone who understands.

  9. That is completely inspirational. I completely need to put myself, Dave and Sabrina on a healthier eating plan. Max needs to fatten up, problem is, Sabrina ends up eating his food, which is how she got to be 10 pounds heavier than him, and in the 95th percentile for weight! The doctor told us to put her on skim milk.

    Right now, we are downright pathetic in terms of cooking during the weekdays, because I don’t even get home from work till 7, and then I don’t feel like whipping up much of anything. Dave doesn’t get back home till even later. So, weekdays can sort of be lost causes. The kids end up eating at 5:30, with our babysitter. Yeah, I also mourn not having a family dinnertime.

    Wise words, Anonymous. Wise words.

    I think what I’m going to have to do is start posting about my efforts (or lack of them), because if I have to answer to the blogosphere, I’ll be too mortified to not succeed!!!

  10. White Hot Magik says:

    I am in a serious rut, I may have to look for that cookbook.

  11. Good for you! I agree it’s hard to put a “family” on a diet – one of my favorite things about being single is I can just eat cereal for dinner if I feel like it!

  12. Good for you! I’m telling you it’s the cooking at home that does it–and then there are little things you can tweak here and there after you get going. It’s tough–some nights we have pbj sandwiches–but it’s worth it.