On My Mind

My To-Do List is threatening to take over.

On my mind today:

  • Trying to cook more healthy meals for my family
  • Adding more categories to Charlie’s intellectual program
  • Sending a long-overdue e-mail to an old friend I found on Facebook
  • An unpaid writing gig I’ve agreed to (details on this coming soon)
  • Inventory for my business

This doesn’t include stuff like paying bills, washing dishes, ABR, or Charlie’s other therapies. I’m trying not to hyperventilate, but I am feeling a TAD overwhelmed.

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  1. My to-do list is seeming a bit overwhelming too. Let’s say we just throw them out the window….LOL

  2. Small Town Girl says:

    You’ll get it all done! Or at least the super important stuff. Just prioritize and go from there.

  3. That happnes to me a lot. Just take it one thing at a time–hid the list!

  4. I don’t even keep a to-do list anymore. I’m in this phase where I email myself reminders of what I need to do. Somehow, this works, although inevitably several messages get buried under an avalanche of emails and then I forget to do things. You know, stuff like “take shower” and “eat” and “breathe.” :)

  5. Holly Anderson says:

    My to-do list is like a monster I have to look in the eye every morning. Skeery!

    And I am excited about your writing gig! :-) And excited (sorry?) to be adding to your list!