Grand Finale

Thanks to all of you who commented on my blue-ness yesterday. I think it’s normal for everyone to have blue days–just can’t get too caught up in it.

Today we visited the cardiologist and we were officially dismissed from Cardiology. We NEVER have to go back. Now, we only have four doctors. One medicine and four doctors. It’s getting crazy-manageable over here.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful news!!

    2008 certainly ended with a bang for Charlie. Let’s keep up the trend into 2009!

  2. Hurrah!

    I didn’t comment yesterday, but wanted to tell you i know how you feel. for me, it’s so great to hear how well drake is doing, but the reality is he still has a disability…he is still very behind with his motor development. i wonder if you you ever stop wishing you could make it all go away?

  3. Yay! Hmmm…what are we down to…neuro, physiatrist, developmental pediatrician (not sure we still need him, but he’s sweet and encouraging), plus a team of therapists!

  4. Yeah!!!!

    I know I don’t comment much but I wanted to tell you that I read regularly and I am always cheering for you and Charlie.

  5. Hurray for Charlie!!!
    To cross out the cardiologist off the list of doctors is a reason to celebrate!

    As a mom of a child with global developmental delays I don’t think we ever stop wishing that we can make it all go away but we accept without giving up hope for improvement.

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    Awesome news!! That’s great!

  7. I’m SO glad you are feeling better! I have been getting “blue” a lot lately… thinking about Blair’s upcoming surgery and having to stay away from friends so she doesn’t get sick… then friends not understanding why I can’t come to events they are having… playdates blah blah blah! Just don’t get some people!

    That is AWESOME-ola that Charlie is released!!!! WTG Charlie!

    Love ya – Tiff

  8. Gina (Mannyed) says:

    That’s a Christmas gift all in itself!

  9. Isn’t being “dismissed” the greatest- YAY for “non-blue” days =)

  10. Great news!! I haven’t commented much lately but I’ve been checking in. Charlie is doing so well and those pictures are fantastic!