Christmas Tree

Omigosh! It’s been ages since I bored you with pictures of my day-core! Here’s the front room with it’s new love seat that can also fold out into a cot. Also, my most-fabulous X-mas tree. The couch would look better if I fluffed the pillows and moved my cell phone charger, but I’m sure you can get the idea. I’m eventually going to replace the shades and the glass table on the right, but this room is making me very happy right now.

Also, here’s a picture of Charlie exploring the Christmas tree while using his Rifton gait trainer.

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  1. therextras says:

    The last photo shows your best work. What a beautiful shot of Charlie-who-stole-my-heart.

    That thing, how a room can make you happy – such a great concept, many do not appreciate (men). chkl.

  2. I think the room looks great!

  3. Small Town Girl says:

    That looks awesome!

    Bummer about the show, but you’ll get there. :)

  4. I am sorry you didn’t get accepted but you will!

    And that photo of Charlie is beautiful!