Another Awesome Surprise

Or not so much.

I’ve been having some medical issues. Nothing serious, but the symptoms concerned me, so off to the doctor I went. After the single most embarassing exam ever, it was determined that I need to have a colonoscopy in the New Year.

Can you say woo hoo?


Charlie is getting so strong these days that his OT exclaimed in the middle of therapy on Monday, “I think I need to go to Canada!” Everyone has been really impressed with the gains Charlie has made. We’re going to see the neurologist and the physiatrist next week, so the timing is good. He made a lot of good progress since the last time he saw them around his first birthday. I’d say it’s pretty impressive–not hard to be impressed by your own kid, though. I will say, however, that I couldn’t be happier with ABR and would recommend it to anyone who was interested.

He pretty much never wants to be in a chair. He wants to roll on the floor or prop sit in front of his Leap Frog table. He’s eating an amazing amount of food–the other day it was two bowls of oatmeal and an egg and a half. He also likes seafood gumbo, any kind of beef or chicken, and cucumbers with vinegar. If you’re holding him, you better hold on tight because he’s wiggling all over the place. I’ve really enjoyed this spurt in growth and development and maintain high hopes that he’ll continue to improve.

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  1. White Hot Magik says:

    Some jokes write themselves? I am sorry about your medical problems and your insensitive family. They sound like mine. ; )

    I am so excited about Charlie’s gains and that the therapist is so positive about the changes. If it makes you feel better about the car thing, during the separation, move, yada yada I did something similar. Had to see a judge, he laughed and let me off on the whole deal.

  2. blairspage says:

    AWESOME!!!! Not about your exam… I’m sorry about that! :) I’m excited for Charlie and all the good progress he has made. I’m SO GLAD you took him to do ABR! Keep on keeping us posted!

    Big Hugs – Tiffany

  3. Oh, that sounds like a fun doctor appt!! A couple months ago my friends and I were talking about what we were gonna do all winter? Because in the summer we spend all weekend on the lake, camping out, whatever? One girl had recently done a colon cleansing thing, so, it was determined that THAT is what we will do this weekend…we decided we’d do it in January…kind of concerns me that it’s almost January, hope they don’t really expect me to do it :)

    That’s awesome that Charlie’s doing so well!!

  4. therextras says:

    Woo – I’m sympathetic; hoo on your laughing family.

    I made gumbo today and wish I could have Charlie taste-test it for me.

    I am as happy as can be to hear about his progress. And to give credit to ABR as a significant part of all you do to stimulate and support his developing little personhood.

    Good job, Mom! Barbara

  5. Hello Katy,
    I am so happy that you are seeing such great improvements on Charlie with ABR. When I read about Charlie’s gains it motivates me to put in the hour of ABR I do at night for the thorax.

    Tonight I will be completing 60 hours of ABR on Matthew and I am happy with what I see. His trunk is stronger, his chest has filled up nicely, when he eats he closes his lips so much better, his arms are looser (not as tight), he vocalizes a lot in his own language that I can’t not understand but I love it.


  6. Wow. Way to have a good time. Maybe you will get great drugs and it will not be so bad?

    I’m psyched for Charlie. He is only going to continue to amaze you, he will.

  7. Go, Eugenia, go! It can be hard to get in those hours, but I know every little bit counts!

  8. Hope you’re okay. I have BEEN THERE with whatever that most embarrassing exam ever was. Ugh. Terrible.

    Go Charlie, Go!

  9. Small Town Girl says:

    Yeah, after a few of those embarassing exams it really doesn’t matter anymore. Because whatever they’re doing is for the best, to make you better. The Colonoscopy will not be fun, I’m sure of that, but I will be an advocate of how important they are now that I have had experience with what can happen if you don’t have them over the summer. That’s MUCH less pleasant.

    YAY for Charlie’s improvements. Glad to hear he’s making strides. :)

  10. Seafood gumbo? You’re raisin that boy right aren’t you?

    Bummer about the colonoscopy.

  11. Colonoscopy…fun. Not. But Charlie’s gains are exciting! Way to go!

  12. Great news about Charlie!!!

    Sorry to hear abour your colonoscopy… hope all goes okay… will be thinking of you.

  13. The pictures put up of Charlie certainly show a lot of change in what seems to be his awareness of his surroundings. He doesn’t seem as sleepy either. I am so happy that things are progressing.

  14. Hi KM,
    I love the pictures of Charlie.