I think it goes without saying that the world is an interesting place. Things happen that you never, ever expect. Case in point would be the last two days.

As most good stories start these days, mine starts with, “so I was on Facebook.” I was actually checking on my sorority alumni group when I noticed that a guy I had dated in high school had joined the group, “Moms of Kids With Developmental Delays.” Well, that caught my attention for a number of reasons. First of all, he’s no mom, and second of all, he doesn’t have any kids. I suspected it was some kind of joke and not a cool one, so I decided to check it out. I was fully ready to be a complete bitch if this was some body’s idea of funny.

Well, turns out his cousin started the group and he joined to show support. Her son has an as-of-yet-un-diagnosed condition that has caused developmental delay and hearing loss. They think it must be genetic since he’s had a clear MRI and CT scan.

She and I chatted on Facebook this evening. Turns out she remembers me from when I dated her cousin (Lord help us all), and is hoping to move to my area soon. We’ve got the good public schools here. Actually, that’s why I live where I do–the good public schools. So, I may have found a mom-friend who’s in a similar situation.

How weird is that?

PS: I seem to remember that there was a family here on the net that had two children with genetic cerebral palsy. They also had one neuro-typical kid. Anybody know what blog I’m talking about? I’d love to share it with this girl since she’s in the throws of genetic testing and I’ve really got no info to share on that one.

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  1. therextras says:

    ‘Mornin’, Bird.
    You are looking for RollercoasterParenting. They live in Australia. Linked on my site, under The Commons.

  2. well there you go. funny how things turn out sometimes–that’s more than a coincidence

  3. -clevergirl says:

    I read this post and have some information that might be helpful to your high school friends cousin, it is called Brachio-oto-renal syndrome and it’s main symptom is hearing loss, (it is VERY hard to diagnose) you might want to check into it. It sounds like that is what the womans child has. I hope this information helped.

  4. Gina (Mannyed) says:

    and all because of facebook! : )

  5. Wow, crazy story. Facebook is an insane place, between that and blogging I am sucked into the Web ALL THE TIME now. Sitting here typing at midnight as Dave lies next to me on the couch, snoring.

  6. Well that’s cool! And facebook is so addictive!

  7. Yes, that is the DEFINITION of serendipity.

    Good for you, to reach out to her, to make that connection. That’s way easier said than done.

  8. Nadine Hightower says:

    Always ask questions before you shoot.

    Give Charlie a great big hug for me.

  9. Small Town Girl says:

    Good for you! It’s nice that you two got to chat a little bit. I’m sure it’s helpful for both of you to know there’s someone else in a similar situation.

  10. You just never know, do ya. It truly is a small world.