A few posts ago I was wondering about having other mommy friends. Were they out there? Would I be able to find someone who wasn’t worried about Charlie’s disabilities?

This weekend I had a bit of a revelation. I was visited by someone I’ve been friends with for about six years now. She’s a professional who does a job that few women ever dare to. She’s cool, and fun, and also a complete partner in crime if you need to do some shoe shopping.

She also just adored Charlie. She held him, talked to him, and even helped me when I wanted to do some walking practice. She didn’t flinch when I asked her to carry Charlie’s special seat into a restaurant because he can’t do the standard high chair.

Last week, my college buddy the PhD was the same way.

Thing is, your true friends are your true friends and no amount of disabled child is going to get in the way of that. They cheer you on; they cheer you up. They are interested and insightful. They are the same fabulous women that they’ve always been. Babies or no, my friends are the cream of the crop and I’ve been delighted to re-discover this in recent days.

I’m pretty lucky.

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  1. You know, I feel the exact same way about my best friends. They may not always get what I am going through, but they are always there to listen and tell me how great Max is doing. And how cute he is! That always cheers me up, no matter what. Funny how complimenting our kids does that.

  2. AWE… sniff… sniff… love ya too Katy and happy early birthday (by an hour and a hal anyway). Love & miss ya!!!- KE

  3. i agree. old, great friends are the best. i feel so lucky all our friends accept our family like any other. it’s so important to have that support. glad you have it, too.

  4. also, you know what restaurant seat we’ve found to be great? the chicco caddy. its like $30 at target. it hangs on the sides of table and folds flat when not in use, so not bulky to carry. it has a fabric seat and a high back that drake sits well in. the problem we have with wooden highchairs is no back and a slippery seat that is easy to slide forward in.

  5. I found the same thing.

    Birthday? If I read correct, the I hope you’re having a very happy one!

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    That’s sweet. I’m glad you’re realizing you’re not so alone after all! :)

  7. Nadine Hightower says:

    You are a lucky gal! And some very good friends….and I’ll bet you have many more than you think,

  8. Now that’s the kind of friends everyone needs but only a few are lucky enough to actually have. Good for you!

  9. And is it…? Could you possibly be turning a year older soon? Come on girl, celebrate! Where was the countdown? Birthdays are wonderful–Happy Birthday you!

  10. Hey girl. I haven’t been by in a long while apparently! WOW. Lots of news here!

    I’m sorta caught up, I think, on most of the haps! So here’s one long comment for ya after I’ve read it all…
    -it is truly a blessing to discover that the people who really love you, also love your special kid…I have had that experience and it is truly humbling.
    -The ABR and Montreal sound amazing! I’m so glad you are seeing results! “the edge of possibility”…I LOVE that!
    -I’m so excited to hear more about your business! The onesie is AWESOME!
    -Happy Birthday, Katy girl! You have lots to celebrate!

  11. Hey! I just wanted to thank you for your advice. I definately will try it! I am always open to suggestions!!!!

    Thank you, thank you!

  12. blairspage says:

    Hey girl… I’m so glad that you have realized that! :) Your friends will love you and will be there for you no matter what!

    Big Hugs to you!

  13. Aww! It’s great that your friends are cool. I started breastfeeding(completely covered up) and my friend freaked out and left!
    Anyway, I’m glad Charlie is doing well. He’s getting so big!

    happy birthday!!!! Hope you get everything you wish for!

  14. That is awesome and it truly does show who your true friends are. It is the best feeling because to me my child is everything to me and my friends should not judge my child.