Another Day, Another Post

Well, yesterday’s post was was maybe even a little too deep for me. Moving on!

Today I had a lovely lunch with a college buddy of mine who’s in town to watch Alabama play LSU. It’s promising to be a fun weekend with lot of people coming into Baton Rouge to watch the game and Hubs and I are probably going to go to campus tomorrow just to visit everyone. We’re not, however, going to the game.

Charlie has been doing really well. I’m seeing little structural changes from the ABR: His abdomen is less diamond shaped, and I’m starting to see a little length in his neck. I rarely make my three hours a day, but I get close and I’m excited about the process. I was VERY concerned about my own ability to work on him for hours at a time (I can be SO ADD), but it gets a little easier every day. Honestly, I cannot wait to go to the satellinte in February to learn some more exercises.

His thera-togs are making nice differences in the way he holds himself. When he tries to sit, his back is straighter and I think that’s from all the good input he gets from them. He still needs to keep one hand down when he sits, but I’ll take any progress I can get.

His speech teacher wants to try a communication board with him. Charlie will be the youngest person she’s ever tried it on, but she wants to give it a shot. We’re going to start with three things on the board and go from there. Have I mentioned today how smart my little buddy is?

That’s it! This posting every day thing is tough!

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  1. I didn't get to read yesterday's post until today. You have made the right decisions. You have. But trusting yourself is the hardest part. It's a decision in itself, one you have to re-make everyday. And the part about having any mommy friends? Maybe I'm overstepping my bounds here, but I think you can. I think you'll have to teach people how to interact with Charlie, just as much as you have to teach Charlie how to navigate the world. It's a lot to ask, but for real friends it will be worth it.

    There. My two cents. Mostly I feel compelled to give it because I feel like you & I really COULD be friends. I don't mean that creepy, even though it probably sounds that way.

  2. -clevergirl says:

    I am so glad Charlie is doing better, he is such a beautiful child, I am so happy the therapy is working. **HUG**

  3. A communication board is awesome. Daniel started really early with it also, he also does amazing eye gaze and touch things. The sooner the better to start. It can be a pain in the butt to carry along once you get a book going but it is so fun when they can actually tell you what they want!!

    People always ask how I know what Daniel wants? I tend to giggle….he is the easiest person to read. I can tell by his eyes, the tilt of his head and his expression. If people would just slow down and WATCH him…they would know and understand him too.