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I’m Feeling Crazy

So, I’ve got two crazy plans afoot and frankly, I think I’ve lost my mind. This has not, however, deterred me. Apparently I am unafraid of failure these days. Well, I’m probably still afraid, but I’m not letting it stop me.

My first plan is to expose Charlie to some new types of movement. I was thinking swimming. I did a bunch of searching and I can’t find one place around my house that has an indoor pool. Scratch that, I can’t find any clubs with an indoor pool. So, I’m thinking about sending a letter and a cute picture of Charlie to two local hotels and see if they would let us use their pool about two hours a week. Sound crazy? Probably, but it can’t hurt to ask.

My second idea is even nuttier. I think I want to get an article published. I realize this sounds pretty grandiose, but hear me out. There are many, many mixed-media publications and I read a bunch of them. Pretty much every month I read an article that I think I could have written. I realize that here, on the blog, I pretty much post incoherent nonsense, but I did take fifteen English classes in college not including two I tested out of. I am capable of clear written thought. I think that I could write a decent, editorial-style article. So, now I’m in the process of figuring out how to write a query.

Anybody out there in blog land have any tips for either of these ideas. I’m feeling a little nutso, but I figure I’ve got very little to lose on either venture.


I think it goes without saying that the world is an interesting place. Things happen that you never, ever expect. Case in point would be the last two days.

As most good stories start these days, mine starts with, “so I was on Facebook.” I was actually checking on my sorority alumni group when I noticed that a guy I had dated in high school had joined the group, “Moms of Kids With Developmental Delays.” Well, that caught my attention for a number of reasons. First of all, he’s no mom, and second of all, he doesn’t have any kids. I suspected it was some kind of joke and not a cool one, so I decided to check it out. I was fully ready to be a complete bitch if this was some body’s idea of funny.

Well, turns out his cousin started the group and he joined to show support. Her son has an as-of-yet-un-diagnosed condition that has caused developmental delay and hearing loss. They think it must be genetic since he’s had a clear MRI and CT scan.

She and I chatted on Facebook this evening. Turns out she remembers me from when I dated her cousin (Lord help us all), and is hoping to move to my area soon. We’ve got the good public schools here. Actually, that’s why I live where I do–the good public schools. So, I may have found a mom-friend who’s in a similar situation.

How weird is that?

PS: I seem to remember that there was a family here on the net that had two children with genetic cerebral palsy. They also had one neuro-typical kid. Anybody know what blog I’m talking about? I’d love to share it with this girl since she’s in the throws of genetic testing and I’ve really got no info to share on that one.

Keeping Track

One of Charlie’s therapists suggested that I keep track on all the changes I’ve seen since we’ve begun ABR. I figured no better place than right here on the internet, right???

So, without further ado, here’s what we’ve seen in the first forty hours.

  1. We’ve seen noticeable lengthening of his neck and better definition of his chin.
  2. Spitting up/reflux has gone down about 90% and we’ve been able to discontinue Prevacid (a savings of thirty bucks a month!).
  3. He uses two hands when drinking from his sippy cup.
  4. He make more sounds more often, and they are longer.
  5. I’ve noticed changes in the way he breaths–his breaths are deeper.
  6. His therapists think that he is using his eyes more.
  7. Crawls for longer distances.
  8. Actively tries sit up and often manages to get upright in the process. Of course, he then topples over, but it is progress.

And, for those of you that are active members of Team Charlie and need pictures, here are some of Charlie in his new walking contraption. So far, he mainly thinks it’s nuts, but every once and a while he makes the stepping motion with his right foot, which his PT is very excited about.

Ummm, they won’t let me add pics at this time. I’ll upload as soon as blogger gives me a little luv.

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