ABR/Montreal 2008

Entertaining Charlie in the airport.

Practicing anterior chest technique on Charlie. My dad kept up the musical turtle to keep him entertained.

My mom practicing the anterior chest technique. At this point Charlie has fallen asleep.

My dad and Charlie at a Chinese restaurant.

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  1. Seriously cute pictures, but I want to see one in the hat!

    If you think you will have occasion to use it again, you are more than welcome to keep it, but if not, I will email you my address.

    Trevor is doing anterior neck right now on Fletcher (who is asleep, I think that is the ONLY way we will be able to do it). My job so far has only been to fold the towels (which is my strenght, still not too confident on the technique).

  2. Thanks for the blow by blow. I am glad to hear the Leonid et al found some really good things about Charlie’s prognosis with the technique. I think of you often even though I do not get here often. BTW, You are absolutely correct about people’s assumptions regarding children with disabilities, and absolutely correct that they should be treated just like any other child!

  3. Nadine Hightower says:

    He’s just sooooo cute!!

    I love that giggling face!

  4. Small Town Girl says:

    Cute pics!

  5. blairspage says:

    Awesome pics! Thank you for sharing. Your parents are so sweet! And, little Charlie is absolutely adorable!

    Big Hugs – Tiff

  6. BabyPaxson says:

    Way too cute! Charlie is adorable, I kept glancing over to check him out.
    I’m sorry we didnt get a chance to talk more, but I was a little overwhelmed and alot sleep deprived!

  7. Is that a little red head I see in the first picture?? What a cutie. Love the one of him and your dad.

  8. man oh man what a cutie pie!!!
    He sure loves his grandpa! And you can see that grandpa feels the same! Congrats on a productive visit to Montreal.
    Take care and keep on keeping on! You are and awesome awesome terrific fantastic outta this world Momma! ttfn