The Part Where I Whine For a Bit

I’m sure no one wants to hear me whine. Actually, I’m pretty sure no one is even reading this blog since I’ve been MIA for a week, but that’s OK–you probably don’t need to read this anyway.

My mother broke her foot on Friday evening.
My grandfather (the terminal one) did not handle evacuating very well.
My parents evacuation condo in Baton Rouge went without power even longer than their house in New Orleans did.
My desk top computer has been infected with some seriously nasty virus and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have to put her down. That’s the computer that the Internet is hooked up to, so it’s been two days of trying to figure it out before we relented and just hooked up the laptop.
My MIL’s cat died–most likely from all the stress of Gustav.

Can I please get a break? I’ve got the last minute evacuation crap, the hospital stay, and then I come back. Everyone’s stressed to the max from the last storm and NOW they’re saying that there’s another one coming. I broke down and attempted to self-medicate by drinking rum and diet coke. You know what? That made me stressed with a touch of panicky.

I’ve got tons to write about Charlie, but right now I’m just gonna go sip some tea and watch Reba. I need a break or something.

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  1. Hopefully this week will be easier on you (and the storm will follow another path). Can’t wait to hear more Charlie updates (more pics please!). =)

  2. therextras says:

    Self-permission to whine and take a break is very healthy. You’ve reassured me you are alright despite rotten events.

    My hubby’s computer recently died – nasty virus. With help, this computer recovered. I hope you can get a second opinion with all the flux of another storm.

    My sympathy to Reiki master for the loss of her cat. We will be devastated when any of pets pass away.

    Hope you Mom is pain-free and walking with a boot soon. Barbara

  3. Sorry your stressed! It’s always o.k. to whine in my book =)

    Hope you enjoyed your tea and reba. and heres to the next storm blowing down a completely different path!!

    Can’t wait to hear more on Charlie

  4. DANG GIRL. I feel that a little whining and self-medication is appropriate in your current situation. Sorry things are icky right now. I am praying Ike will pass y’all by. Reba will make you feel better. Love her.

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    Just take things one step atta time. It will all work out.

    Sorry about your grandfather.

  6. * ~ *Jessica* ~ * says:

    Just checking in on you guys! Glad you survivied the storm. Looking fwd to an update about Charlie (no pressure…)

  7. hope this week is easier for everyone! must be a bad one when a little self medication doesn’t do the trick :)
    hang in there (and pls post pics!)

  8. Small Town Girl says:

    I sure hope things calm down for you. None of that stuff is fun or easy and overall it just sucks. Whine away! Try to relax for a little bit. I’m glad you’re home, though. I can only imagine how nice it is to hang out in your own home again.

  9. Glad to hear from you. We’re all entitled to a good whine every once in a while. Hopefully things get better this week. I’m looking forward to hearing about Charlie.

  10. Reba’s great for a bit of vegging. I love that show. 😉

  11. if anyone can whine, you can whine. sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough week. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that this hurricane moves down to texas. that’s the last thing everyone in your area needs.

  12. It’s your blog, you can whine all you want!!

    Hopefully things get better this week, I’m sorry it was such a rough week :(

  13. Oh honey, you DO need a break. I am sorry for all of those things.

    And YES, I am here reading! I subscribe to you in Google Reader, so even if you didn’t post for a year and then posted, I would see it and read. Hmmm. That sounds creepy. What I mean is, don’t worry about us. We’ll be here reading even if you don’t have a chance to write for a while.


  14. Ugh, you totally deserve a break. Hopefully everything eases up soon and good things start happening! You deserve them!!

  15. I’m so glad that Ike isn’t heading towards you guys! You do need a break! Rum and Diet Coke… sounds yummy! :)

    Hugs – Tiffany