Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. I’ve been trying to avoid over-spending, so I’ve been home cleaning (shocking), occasionally exercising, playing games on Facebook, and other really exciting stuff like that. My fall is going to be exceptionally busy, so I should probably enjoy the calm before the storm.

Charlie is inching along. Physically, I’m noticing strength in his arms and shoulders. He holds his head up well and I think he COULD sit up if he could get the balance part. Fingers crossed that theratogs will help with that. He learned what they call “intentional release.” Basically, letting things go on purpose. This has inspired my brother to play what he thinks is the best game ever–making Charlie drop whatever he’s playing with so he can have whatever Uncle is playing with. This is my favorite development because we didn’t have to teach him this–he just picked it up.

His real advances have been more subtle. He seems to know what we’re saying to him. He understands sit up, stand up, bye bye, no, all done, clap, and more. And those are just the things that we can prove. I suspect he knows many more things that I can’t prove. He loves his reading cards and smiles at them. He is enthralled by Sesame Street. My favorite improvement is that he’s starting to say the consonant sound “m.” We’ve been working on this for-eva. It doesn’t happen often, but it is happening more frequently, so hopefully it will become a regular thing.

Things are moving along in my world too. I had an idea to do a little project in Charlie’s room. That idea spawned another idea that spawned another idea, and before I knew it I had spent hours researching and had a notebook full of notes about starting my own business. I have only talked to four people about this idea and each of these conversations has led to more research, more ideas, and more questions. This idea may never leave the notebook phase, but it has piqued my interest in owning my own business or working from home.

We’ll see. . .
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  1. Nadine Hightower says:

    Sesame street has the same effect on me too!!
    Way better than that purple reptile!!

    Go Elmo!!

  2. Charlie is making some great progress. I agree that he probably understands more than you think. Every once in a while Bennett shocks me with what he picks up. And it’s always exciting when they do something that you haven’t had to “teach” them.

    I linked the pictures of Charlie today because they made me smile and that was the theme of my post. I hope that’s ok. He’s one cute guy!

    Can’t wait to hear what other idea you have brewing!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I just love these pics of Charlie. He looks deliciously happy!

    As you continue to notice his gaining strength, may I suggest baby chest presses to encourage that strength and growth… One and push! Two and push! LOL

  4. Elizabeth–you have no idea how close to the truth that actually is!

  5. Antonella says:

    Charlie is adorable! He always looks so happy!

    I don’t know Charlie’s eating habits, but does he like it better when you feed him or when he feeds himself? I know Dante sometimes will eat more if I let him feed himself(even if it gets messy). I wouldn’t worry much about his weight though, those weight/height charts are just there to make people crazy!

  6. I hear you Antonella. I discovered that I can leave him with a tray of food while I’m fixing dinner and he’ll try to eat everything on it. Granted, some things just hit the floor, but he definitely likes feeding himself.

  7. More cheering for Charlie! The chair is one Q has used in feeding therapy. It’s great, no?

    What a cute little chubby guy. I bet you have to stop yourself from nibbling his cheeks for just hours at a time.

  8. as always… his pictures are so very cute!

    I am always amazed at Piero’s vocabulary. Our current games are “whoever speaks Spanish first loses” (This is to encourage Piero to speak English) AND “what is the emergency number?”. This is to get him to learn what 911 is… and how to call. We did a practice call with him and unintentionally tricked him. He thought he was practicing with the real 911 and not calling me. He is able to remember the number and he remembered to tell the operator that he spoke Spanish and needed help. We were very proud of him. Our next step is to practice telling the operator his address. He doesn’t know either of his home addresses. So much to teach even if there aren’t additional challenges.

  9. Good for Charlie and good for you for getting a little down time prior to the busy fall!

  10. Sounds like there’s a lot going on!!! Love the pics!

  11. White Hot Magik says:

    Ohh I am all excited about the last part. Well the rest too, but I know how that excitement feels. Charlie is such a cute little man!!