Well, the ceilings are both scraped and painted, and the light fixtures are installed. We still have to touch up the red, hang art work, and put in the new switch plate covers, but this IS progress.

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  1. Looking good. I wish I’d gotten something productive done. I’m digging the switchplate covers; where’d you pick those up again?

  2. It is really looking great…I really like that light fixture!
    And that could be my fave pic of Charlie to date. He looks ecstatcially happy. Made me smile!

  3. So cool! I love how the light leaves a neat shadow on the ceiling. We have a red wall in our living room and it is my favorite. Good color choice!

  4. LOVE the Charlie picture! That says “joy” all over it.

  5. I like the red and I like the light, but I’m really reminded of how much I love the light in whatever room it is that’s reflected in the mirror. You have such great taste.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Very, very cool. I think Charlie agrees. 😉

  7. Small Town Girl says:

    I love it! I also really love the switchplate covers. Very very nice!

  8. Nadine Hightower says:

    Your helper is ready for his next job!

  9. Look at your lil helper! That is such a great picture! Everything is really coming along!