Operation Fatty

I’m on a mission.

Since January Charlie’s weight has flat-lined. Well, he gained a little, but not like before. He’s hanging out at the very bottom of the chart and I really don’t want him to fall off of it.

You may recall that in January Charlie took a very nasty medicine that aggravated his stomach. For a few days he gave up eating all together and then we introduced Zantac and things got better. Then, we removed thickener from his bottles and that made it easier for him to reflux (not that he’s doing it on purpose). Also, he’s really wanting to move around and sit more and all the stomach muscles clenching together also makes him reflux.

He never spits up a whole lot, but all the spitting up has made him a lot less interested in bottles. He eats solid food, but I guess I’m just not giving him enough.

Enter: Operation Fatty.

Today I fed him a small meal every two hours. Also, I need to convince my husband that Charlie can have fat and carbohydrates. He’s really focused on vegetables, fruit, and protein, and while this is excellent food for a body-builder, I need to make sure Charlie has some baby-padding as well.

He’s not skinny or underweight, but I don’t want him to get that way either.

Any suggestions anyone has for fattening foods that kids like?

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  1. Chicken nuggets… of course, I don’t remember whether Charlie can eat that or not, so disregard this if necessary. (There are all natural, lip- and anus-free chicken nuggets in the organics section of some stores.)

    Avocados came to mind immediately. Those are HIGH in fat content, and yummy. Expensive though. Peanut butter, too. Both are easily mushable if necessary.

  2. Charlie can eat most anything as long as the bites aren’t huge. And that’s mostly just because he gets disinterested if it takes him a week to chew. The kid can eat. Can you give peanut butter to a one year old?

  3. I bet he loves guacamole.

  4. Princess Abigail says:

    Banana is good for weight gain.
    I don’t know if they do ‘petit suisses’ in the US, its a kind of thick yoghurt which is very calorific. It helped Abigail a lot in the beginning when she was way below the charts. Doctors prescribed her a kind of glucose addition for her milk which was very calorific and helped her weight gain enormously. I’ll keep thinking about this for you ok?
    Toodle pip

  5. I am so sorry about your grandad’s diagnosis, but it was great to read a bit about the full life he’s had.

    Regarding foods… try whole milk yogurts, ice cream (you get the calcium, protein and fat all in one). I think peanut butter is one of those allergens that are best introduced after age 2, but it is a great snack food. Beans are also high in protein and you can do refried, with rice, etc.

    Also, when my kid went through an “I’m-not-ever-going-to-eat-just-to-make-my-mom-miserable” phase, we turned to Pediasure as a supplement. The phase lasted about a week, but the Pediasure stayed on as a snack.

    Good luck!

  6. My daughter had to eat high-fat foods too, and she’s still skinny as a rail. Let me see if I can remember…it’s not a solid, but her dr. told me to give her Carnation Instant Breakfast (it’s the same thing as Pediasure, but cheaper). Avocados are high in fat, and tasty! but someone already mentioned those…ditto for bananas. Adding butter to everything you can would add a lot of fat! Also, buy the 80/20 ground beef instead of the leaner stuff, if you don’t already. I’ll think about it some more and let you know if I think of anything else. Oh! He’s a little young now, but I used to just leave a plate of snacks out so my daughter could graze, and that helped.

  7. Nadine Hightower says:

    Yeah peanut butter and syrup or jelly. I was never fond of PB&J but add syrup….wooo baby!!
    Avocadoes are good too.
    Use the good fat. But doesn't Charlie have heart problems also…should he have the fatty things??
    Stick to healthy things and don't go over to the dark side of candy and crap!

  8. I don’t know if Charlie can have this or not but when I used to work at the daycare the one-year olds LOVED the macaroni and cheese.

  9. Here some recipes with avocado I found online:

    Guacamole for Baby 8 months+ :
    Peel and de-pit a ripe avocado
    Cut β€œmeat” out and mash with a fork
    wheat germ or crushed cheerios (optional)
    pinch of garlic powder, pepper & basil

    Mix avocado, wheat germ/cheerios and spice then blend. Fold in plain whole milk yogurt until a texture good for your baby is achieved. Dip toast, soft cooked veggies in the guac.

    Avocado & Cream Cheese Delight 8months + :
    Prepare avocado as shown above Blend with Cream Cheese until a semi-smooth mixture is formed,
    Add wheat germ or crushed cheerios and shape into little balls or spread on toast or crackers or blend with cereals.

    Avocado Fruit Salad :
    3 or 4 ripe avocados
    3 or 4 ripe bananas
    3 or 4 Pears (steamed)
    A couple of dollops Yogurt (for 8 months +)

    Peel, deseed and slice fruits as needed
    Place in a blender or food processor and puree until desired texture is achieved
    Add a couple of dollops of Yogurt if desired

    With Carnation Instant breakfast and Pediasure, strawberry flavor was favorite in our house.

  10. White Hot Magik says:

    Avocados immediately came to mind. Stoneyfield farms makes whole milk yogurt so it still has the fat, plus it is organic. Kids need fat just like we do, there are plenty of healthy fats. Beans have protein as well but are low in fat. My kids love refried beans, I make my own just use a potato masher and cook bans until thickened. I don’t really know what nuts are safe to give, I would check on that but at health food stores you can usually find almond butter or other nut butters if they are less of a allergy risk.

  11. I’ve been on operation fatty with both of the girls since they sadly, don’t even make the charts. With D, because of her extreme prematurity, we were seriously told butter, cheese, whole fat yogurts (yo baby), whole milk, avocado, ice cream (whole fat again), carnation breakfast and just having food around constantly.

    Is his head growth ok? My girls have always had huge heads, which has saved us from a lot of the weight grief. If his head flat lines, then you need to worry but if he is following his own growth curve, you are fine (easy to say, huh?).

  12. They seem to be fine with his head growth. Really, they’ve not expressed concern with the weight either–I just don’t want to have to add another issue to the list. I want to make sure I’m doing my part to keep him fed and healthy. He never complains, so you just have to feed him–he won’t ask.

  13. Thanks for all the idea, guys! I guess i need to go out and buy some avocados.

  14. FreckledFireLily says:

    The boys’ pediatrician told me to give them a milk shake every night before bed to help fatten them up. If Charlie likes ice cream then it should ad some fat and calories to his diet. It doesn’t need to be chewed either!

  15. I wish I had that problem. Good luck fattening up your kid! πŸ˜‰

  16. cheerios is always good

    oatmeal is a great idea as well
    and someone mentioned banana already
    and NO youshouldn’t give peanut butter to a child under 3.

    Honey is something you shouldn’t give either because it amy cause botulism

    mac and cheese is good.
    noodles on the whole is a good source of carbohydrates and while we ate it what about bread is easy to chew.

    hugs to you


  17. I have no idea, I’m no help in this department.

    I wish I had that same problem! πŸ˜‰

  18. ooo, guacamole…
    i got no ideas except for junk food…but you don’t really wanna give him that do you?

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I’m sorry… I lost it after I read Stacy’s mention of anus-free chicken nuggets.

    I must excuse myself now.

  20. Hi there….I found your blog through Barbara/Bennett’s blog and boy – do I know all about Operation Fatty!!

    My latest and most exciting discovery:

    An extremely high calorie nutritional supplement called Benecalorie. It’s a 1.5oz little cup of liquid that contains 7 grams of protien and 330 calories!! WOW! You can add it to formula or even mix it into yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc.

    It was recommended to me by my daughter’s pediatrician but we’ve not been able to try it yet because it’s not available in Canada, so we’re looking into having it shipped to us.

    Not sure if it’s recommended for a 1 year old, but worth looking into I guess.

    Good Luck!

  21. Q gets one box of Just For Kids every day — 1.5cal/ml. It’s vanilla, with fiber and chock full o’ micronutrients. We have a Rx, but Walgreens carries it for about $50 per 30 (?) serving case.

    Q also gets organic cream, half n half, full fat coconut milk, butter, avocado and cheeses (cottage, cheddar, etc., melted) added to his food. Bob’d Red Mill has a whey protein powder that’s been great to add to fruits and veggies.

    Contaminant free fish oils are great too. Q gets either one packet of Coromega for kids or a dose of Nordic Naturals 3-6-9 every day. If combined with or given near a full-fat yogurt, the nutrients are supposed to be more bioavailable. Something about the kind of acids/cultures in the yogurt.

    When he’d been fussy and the day has been low in calories I’ve stirred cream into some Gerber DHA added oatmeal, warmed it, added a pinch of salt, and he’s snarfed it down.

    Remember the adage (nodding solemnly): Everything’s better with butter.



  22. I love the title of this post! This is a great post, I got some wonderful ideas for Alice. Thanks for passing on your page, Charlie is adorable!

    Brandie and Alice