Just So You Know

People are starting to freak out here, so I thought I’d best post a little update. Gustav is still predicted to hit Louisiana. One of my houseguests is here and the other is arriving this evening. They are the two that bought plane tickets. Everyone else who was planning on coming to town has cancelled. Right now I’m pretty worried that the two that have flown in won’t be able to fly out. Sigh. Mandatory evacuations of the city may begin tomorrow morning, which coincidentally is the same time LSU is supposed to be kicking off. The idea of driving to Baton Rouge in evacuation traffic is NOT appealing. It could take hours. Is there a polite way to decline going? Again, sigh.

The worst part is this is all complete speculation. At any point things could change. Our plan is still to ride out the storm at home. If there’s a widespread power loss then we’ll be heading to Little Rock.

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  1. As someone who watches the local news daily in order to make sure I’m ready for storms, you definitely have my sympathy. I am keeping eye on the storm of myself. It’s always possible it could turn right and hit my region. We are also a little worried about the other storm out there brewing.

    I will, however, keep you in my thoughts and I’m going to make a note in my calendar to check on you frequently. You’re definitely in my prayers.
    Billy Paul

  2. I’ve been thinking of you when I see the weather updates. Good luck and try to keep us up to date.

  3. Praying that all will be well. Update when you can.

  4. Best of luck- mother nature, ack!

    You guys are in my thoughts, keep us posted!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll be watching the progress of the storm and keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the update.

  6. Princess Abigail says:

    Yikes … you look after yourselves out there … sounds like serious stuff. The Bernard Bunch is sending you the most positive vibes possible to get you through the storms … what a brave boy you are Charlie!! Abigail is well smitten!

  7. This situation sounds far too stressful for me to ever handle … Praying for you all!

  8. therextras says:

    Thanks so much for the quick post. I’m sure that there are many more reassured than the other commenters and me. I’ve thinking of you all many times in the past 3 days.

    I’m confident you and Charlie’s Dad will make good decisions throughout the time of uncertainty.

    We will all appreciate hearing from you whenever it is reasonable. Barbara

  9. I’ve been through thunderstorms way worse than the “catastrophic raging hurricanes headed right your way”…that said, you never know. We evacuated for Ivan as well and for us, it turned out to be a good thing. I’m sure the closer the storm gets the better picture you’ll have–I hope for your sake staying put at home turns out to be the best plan.

  10. Nadine Hightower says:

    Watching the maps this am I don’t think there’s anyway to avoid it…you’ve got to go!!

    My thoughts are with you and your boys.

    Love, Hugs, and Jose!