I Suspect

I suspect that I am not alone as a parent when I say that I always feel like I could be doing a little bit more for my child. I think that we all have this little nagging voice that tells us that we’re doing OK, and our kids aren’t being neglected or anything, but a little more time/money/energy/whatever would really be better.

I have three big projects looming on the horizon with regards to Charlie. Two involve his intellectual program. By the way, he LOVES his reading cards. I highly recommend the Glen Doman books for anyone interested in starting an intellectual program with their children–brain injured or no. I also have to make some “choice cards.” These are basically laminated images that represent different things. This way he can make choices even though he’s not really talking yet. Eat or play? Chair or tummy time? You get the picture.

I just feel a tremendous amount of inertia these last few days. Even the smallest tasks seem to big. Ugh! I just need to get my hiney in gear.

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  1. I read our posts about what your doing with Charlie and think I need to get MY butt in gear. Your doing awesome….and I really like the cards idea, I do it at work but didn’t think to give it a try with Noah!

    Oh and I don’t know if you’ll read this but rewinding back to your vaccinations post : I took Noah to his 9 month neurology follow up and the doc actually congratulated me for NOT vaccinating him yet, saying I did the right thing but now he thought it was safe to start them, one at a time, and don’t do Dtap until very last.
    hmmm…. this is the SAME doc who at 6 months told me and I quote ” I hope you don’t bring him out in public” in response to him not being vaccinated.
    Umm…someone must have gone to a medical conference in the dangers of vaccines or something??!!!??

  2. I hate when people tell me stuff like “You’re such a good mom! You do so much for Ace!” I always feel like I could be doing more, but the child fights EVERYTHING I do. Stretching him is like giving a cat a pill.

  3. I really relate to this feeling. I can’t imagine that YOU feel that way; it seems like you are so on top of things! Sometimes you have to both cut yourself some slack AND kick it into gear, at the same time. (I say that as though I have the ability to do that. HA!)

  4. I too often feel like I should be doing more. More of what? I’m not sure… just more!

    And just when I start to beat myself up about being so lackadaisical my thoughts turn to what my parent’s generation did for their children. HA! There were certainly no flash cards, no intellectual programs, no toys specifically designed to stimulate learning, etc and I do believe that I, and all of my friends, turned out okay.

    Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break…. a pat on the back for all we do and a pass for all we didn’t quite get to today.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    What a wonderful idea those choice cards are! I wonder how many temper tantrums I could have avoided had I employed that idea?

    And yes… you are most definitely not alone. Especially after you mention that great idea on how to better engage your child. *sigh*

  6. blairspage says:

    Hey girl… I think you are doing a GREAT job! Don’t let those little voices in your head “get” to you!

    I hope you are enjoying your Summer!

    Hugs – Tiffany

  7. Nadine Hightower says:

    My 2nd child didn’t speak until she well over 2 years old…don’t sweat it!!
    And then she wouldn’t shut up!!!!!

    You guys are doing a fine job!! Quit being so hard on yourself.

  8. I think most parent feels that way when it comes to their kids, special-needs or not. I took so many things for granted with our first two and am realizing that it is going to take more effort on my part to keep Emmaline close to her peers. Add that to homeschooling our older two and I feel pretty overwhelmed at times. I’m learning to do the best that I can for that day and realize that some days will be better than others. Charlie is lucky to have a mom who is doing so much to help him learn and grow. Keep up the great work!

  9. Sure doesn’t hurt Charlie to have a great teacher for a mom–I wonder if I could use those kind of cards for Merrick anytime soon?

  10. Charlie is blessed to have you for his mom. You are doing a great job.