what to do?

Here’s the deal.

Last Saturday I put a netflix movie in the mail to go out. Netflix never received it. I reported it missing and they sent me a new one.

Now, the disk they sent me AND another movie haven’t made it to my house.

I’ve got one disk left here at the house and I’m not sure I even want to put it in the mailbox. Of course, the fact that disks have gone missing coming and going makes me pretty suspicious that it could be the mail carrier. If it is a mail carrier than it won’t do any good to

You think I should do a stake-out? I could probably stay in the front room all day if I set up tonight. The mail usually comes by eleven, so I wouldn’t have to wait forever. And what am I looking for?

I considered getting a PO box, but I don’t know if the envelopes would fit.

Anybody have any ideas?

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  1. Barbara says:

    hmmm – tough question. I don’t know if a stakeout would help because if it is him then you probably won’t see anything. Is it possible to call your local sorting station to find out if the disks are making it that far? However, a stakeout sounds like fun.

  2. Haz Bien says:

    Stake out does sound fun!

    Hmm… maybe just put the Netflix envelopes inside another envelope so you can’t tell what’s inside? Or drop it off at the Post Office to be mailed out instead? Although that would be a rather big pain to have to go to the Post Office every time you wanted to send a freakin’ DVD back …

  3. Hello there lady. I am so happy to be able to visit your blog again…oh the despair of NOT having a computer. Of course a lot more things have gotten done around the house over the last couple of months. Hmm.

    Anyway, I have tons to catch up on for sure, but just wanted to drop in and say HEY! Hope you are having a great summer and my 2 cents…set up some sort of mail carrier surviellance, yeah, I like that.

  4. If you really want a post office box they will hold all the things that don’t fit in your box and you can ask for them at the desk. However, I would check with Netflix to make sure they have the correct address and such. Maybe some type of clerical or computer error is sending your disks elsewhere. Netflix lost some of our stuff for while… we just reported it missing everytime!

  5. I have no idea what to say about NetFlix. Can you call the PostMaster at the local office and discuss with him the problem? That way if it is the carrier, it might put a little fear in him and the problem will stop. And I would keep reporting them missing from NetFlix so you are not held accountable. Good Luck

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    The envelopes will fit in a P.O. Box. My mom has a p.O. Box and they fit for her. That’s really weird that someone might be stealing your Netflix! Seriously, don’t they have anything better to do?

  7. I don’t think a stakeout would really help – could you even really see what the guy was doing? I say you can just drop them in a mailbox but that doesnt help the problem of GETTING them but at least then you’d know if they always made it back to Netflix but didn’t get to you – then it IS the postman!

  8. Attempt 2 @ commenting:
    I have everything worth value sent to a PO Box. Netflix will fit. And anything that doesn’t just gets put in a bigger box and they leave the key to that box in yours….easy-peasy. PO Boxes prevent against identity theft, too. If someone can take your dvds, imagine what else they could be getting their grubby little hands on. Oeace of mind = $45/year…pick a Post Office you pass regularly,

  9. Nadine Hightower says:

    That’s why we have a po box…and the fact that someone ran over the other one.
    I’d do a stake out too…but that’s just me.