Things That Annoy Me

  1. No good sales in this week’s Hobby Lobby Ad
  2. All the missing DVD’s are mine. All of the Hub’s have been showing up.
  3. Finding out that the grocery store only stocks the small version of the formula cans because that’s the only thing WIC covers–hello? We’re not all on WIC.
  4. Finding out that Charlie’s AFO’s are wrong. Now we wait for a new pair.
  5. Listening to the report that Hub’s step-brother (the third-year resident) gave on ABR. And then his Dad talk about how there have been no double-blind studies.

Here’s to tomorrow!

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  1. Hi there! I came across your blog from a comment you left on Messing with Texas.

    I totally agree with you on the Hobby Lobby ad! Guess that’s good for my moolah, though :)

  2. Well, Hello, M! Nice to meet ya.

  3. Hmmm. Consider yourself an advocate and pioneer. Go for the ABR, while keeping this feedback from the fam in the back of your mind. I am a big believer in “mama knows best,” especially when mama is as thoughtful and knowledgeable as you…

  4. Things that annoy me:

    -my car won’t start JUST when I need to leave to take Emma to horseback riding lessons.

    -flip video camera videos that won’t work on windows movie maker…thanks, Vista, thanks a lot. Thanks for frustrating my son.

    -running out of propane in the gas grill JUST when I’ve got my chicken ready to go on it.

    WHEW I’m feeling better already. Thanks Katy!!

  5. Back to the Netflix problem…I had the same problem. I live in an apartment building, but there are only 4 apartments per bldg. Everytime I left a movie on the stairs for the mailman to pick up (that’s where we all leave our outgoing mail) and that also coincided with the supermarket circulars being movies would go missing. Two movies were stolen this way..grrrrrrrrr..I KNOW it was the circular delivery guy, I just couldn’t prove it. Makes me so mad that people think its alright to dip their sticky little fingers on other people’s property. I feel for you. Now I just take them to work and throw them in the box there, or take them to the mailbox on the corner myself.

  6. therextras says:

    Is that the Dad married to the ‘reiki master’? I cannot imagine you are going to change your mind based on lack of research at this point.

    I hate hearing the braces are wrong – such a sweeping statement. But I do understand the annoyance (understatement) of getting a good set that fit for a short while.

    thinking good thoughts for you. Barbara

  7. White Hot Magik says:

    Your are right about Hobby Lobby, however I spent all my playing around money there last week on the half price glass beads. Whatever on the ABR stuff, which I know little about, it isn’t like it is going to hurt him. I’d be annoyed too.

  8. I totally agree about the medical community never asking the why of things, only worrying about masking the symptoms.
    We’ve been doing ABR for two and a half years and we’re almost done. We feel so fortunate that our boy was born early and developed spastic diplegia now, when ABR is available, rather than before Leonid came along.
    The physical changes ABR accomplished were immediate, steady and miraculous.
    We’ve had no support from the medical community for it here either but haven’t worried about their opinions because they really had nothing to offer anyway.

  9. therextras says:

    Anonymous comments annoy me.