I Try to Avoid This Stuff–or do I?

I live in a small town. I’ve mentioned that before.

The town has really been putting a lot of energy into rejuvenation and and upgrades. They’ve done some really great stuff and I’ve been thrilled at all the improvements.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, a huge project to put in a new playground at the local park was completed. A company designed it, but residents of the town actually built it.

Last weekend the Hub and I went to check it out and I was thrilled to see that at least one of the structures had ramping, which meant it could be used by a child with a walker or in a wheelchair. Terrific, right? Accessible fun right here in town.

Well, right after that, without warning, the town closed the road that leads through the park, to the playground.

How flippin’ frustrating! It is a VERY long walk to the playground. I sent an e-mail to the town Alderman asking what if any provisions were going to be made for disabled residents to access the play ground. I received a form letter back saying that even with the closure there would be plenty of parking. That’s not even what I asked.

I posted about it on a the a bulletin board for our town and several people began talking about how people need to “get off their fat asses and walk.” It is so difficult to explain to some people that not everyone CAN walk that far.

It really isn’t about Charlie–we’re a long way from walking. I just think it’s a shame that the park was actually built with accessible equipment and now it’s hard to get to.

I went and took pictures of the walk.
Here’s the first leg:

Here’s the second:

The playground is about where that red truck is. That’s where you used to be able to park. Now, not so much. Notice the sidewalk–cracked completely. To the left is where the road used to be, but they’re ripping it up as we speak.

I just don’t get it. They make an accessible playground and then they make it inaccessible.

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  1. Barbara says:

    That kind of thing drives me nuts. Even I only spent about 5 months in a wheelchair, I couldn’t believe how many places that said they were accessible, weren’t. Doors that didn’t work, wheelchair size doors with automatic openers but no ramp, bathrooms in the basement, I could go on and on. Unfortunately it seems that some people need to experience what it’s like to be disabled to understand how important accessiblity is.

    Sorry to go on a bit of a rant but this kind of thing just drives me crazy!

  2. Nadine Hightower says:

    Keep after them!!
    Becuz you are right. Not everyone can walk. And Inlist the help of a group that really would benefit from this…There are people like Barb that will feel the same way. It’s not always about those that can walk and are lazy but about those that need the assistance of a wheelchair or other devices.


  3. Anonymous says:


    Since it is an election year, it would be a great thing to write someone who wants to get elected again and tell them the problem with the parks accessibility. I would also get your physical therapist and that group involved and I bet something will be done. Since it is an election year, now is def. the time to put pressure on them, even a petition….

    Just some thoughts.

    Gwen in Florida

    Mom to Ashley

  4. Princess Abigail says:

    Gosh, that IS amazing.

    Maybe you should ask Scotty to beam you aboard.

  5. So is it a temporary thing that they are fixing the road, or what’s their plan. That’s frustrating that you sent a letter and got a response to a question you didn’t ask!! Someone seriously messed up the planning on that one. Frustrating.

  6. That would frustrate me to no end! By the time we made that walk, Darsie would be so worn out from the walk that playing would be a moot point…not to mention, you have to make a return walk!

    I agree to keep up on them..keep writing, and writing, and writing to the city council, to anyone.

  7. Perhpas you can send another letter or even go there in person. Do you have town meetings that you can attend and let them know your concerns?

    I am so sorry. I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be. And then for people to respond the way they did. If Charlie was walking, by the time he got to the play area, he would be exhausted and too tired to play.

    Keep after them.

  8. Don’t just write, call. Dont just call, show up at meetings. Be a crusader. Someone has to do it.

  9. luckeyfrog says:

    If you do go to meetings, it might help to show up with Charlie.

  10. UGH! So frustrating! Maybe a letter to the editor of your local paper? Maybe a phone call to your local tv station?

    Get the word out there girl. Katy the caped crusader.

  11. What the hell? I’m baffled. Simply baffled. I was thinking the same thing as Joelle–letter to the editor? Maybe you could even write a one-time column. I can’t believe how insensitive and how…just straight-up asinine the Alderman was.

  12. White Hot Magik says:

    I think people don’t often think about those things, most of us have never had to deal with a wheelchair. Contact your local representative or city councilor and get them on board. It’s not like you need 100 spaces but a few closer would make it more accessible for handicap people.