Tip For Life

Do NOT try to purchase a Father’s Day Card on Father’s Day. The pickins are slim. I had to choose between the sappy card addressed to Pa or the one in Spanish. I chose the one in Spanish and it ended up being completely dumb in translation. Go me! Next time I might skip the card–he really just wants to hold Charlie anyway.

Charlie got his first dip in the pool today. He got water splashed in his eyes about five seconds in, so he wasnt’ too thrilled. Later, we tried letting him float on his back, but all he really wanted to do was nibble on his toes. Still, not a complete disaster. We have the whole summer to keep trying.

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  1. Small Town Girl says:

    Looks like you guys had a good day. :)

  2. Mannyed says:

    What a nice way to spend Father’s Day!

  3. Not bad for a first go!
    Maybe he needs some little baby goggles?

  4. therextras says:

    Pool time! Very good for Charlie! Barbara

  5. Haha I love that last pic! So cute. I always thought cards are a waste of money, unless you live apart from the person, it just seems a waste to buy one to hand over and it’ll just be thrown away!

  6. lifeandthoughts says:

    CArds are a waste when the pool is waiting.Roo hated her first time in the water,it wasnt till half way through that first summer that she became my water baby


  7. Nadine Hightower says:

    WE on Team Charlie think that the pool is a good idea!
    And we do not want to ever be near that Volunteer…ever!! I hope she was “fired”!!!
    And We only want positive People on Team Charlie…the vision Coach needs to see that!! or she’s outta here!!

  8. FreckledFireLily says:

    I chose my dad’s card on Father’s Day too. For some reason there were many cards to choose from. I did have to stand with a bunch of other procrastinators while making my selection though. *g* Glad you guys had a nice day.

  9. shoeaddict says:

    I thought the spanish card story was funny.

    Love the pool pics.