My Rules

Here’s one of my rules for life:

If you’re in a line six-people deep, and someone opens up a new register, the polite thing to do is to allow the next person in line to go over to that register. It is NOT polite when the last person drag-races their cart over in front of everyone else. Also, if you’re going to be doing these types of things then please, please do not be buying craft supplies for vacation bible school.

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  1. O-M-G!

  2. White Hot Magik says:

    Makes you want to smack someone.

  3. Thanks for the laugh! It is amazing how rude some people can be, and it makes it even worse when you find out they go to church…they should know better!

  4. Mannyed says:

    HAHA!! Oooh, the irony! I love it!

    I hate when people do that, it’s completely selfish. And to do it with craft supplies for bible school…well, that’s just a sin! :o)

  5. Ya I hate when people do that, totally rude!!

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    Yeah, probably not the most Christian thing to do.

  7. Haz Bien says:

    If I recall, this is one of a few bad experiences in line at the store for you! Good grief… people amaze me.

  8. Princess Abigail says:

    I think your ‘friend’ must have been in secret training in France. In France, q-ing is a remote concept that no-body relates to. Chaos is the organised way. In the UK, q-ing is an important, almost genetic, condition. I wonder what it is that makes some people happy to Q, and other people happy to cheat … hmmm, me and Mama are pondering ….

  9. Elizabeth says:

    ROTFLMAO! This is just as good as the person in the car with road rage passing people left and right on the highway with some do gooder bumper sticker on the car. Righteous my ass!

  10. Bwahahahahahaha!