Keeping Up

Well, it’s always hard to follow up the emotional posts, but here I go with a therapy update.

Yesterday we saw the physical therapist (at home), and she saw major improvement on his stomach, but he wouldn’t sit for her at all. I was OK with it though because I had a revelation this week: Charlie will sit. I have no idea when, but I feel certain that he can do it. He has his moments here and there and all we have to do is build on it. Maybe I’m completely naive, but I just KNOW he’s going to do it. Anyway, with his new-found tummy-time skills, he’s starting to making some crawling movements as well. We’ll see if that leads anywhere.

Secondly, we’ve reached a bit of a snafu with regard to bottles. We were recently told that we no longer needed to thicken his liquids. Charlie did fine with thin liquids. Unfortunately, nobody told Charlie and he doesn’t like his milk un-thickened. I’d told Tiffany that I would send her our box of thickener and I had to go out to my husband’s car and dig some out because Charlie was refusing to drink his milk thin. I’m going to have to talk to his OT about weaning him off of thickener because cold turkey did not work for us. My husband is big on promises, though, so Tiffany will be getting that box sometime soon.

Finally, although Charlie is a big fan of shouting and screeching, we still aren’t seeing any babbling. I am seeing different mouth movements, but no change in sounds so far. His speech therapist “suggested” that we purchase some equipment so we can provide daily stimulation on his mouth muscles. I say “suggested” because they can’t tell us to buy anything that isn’t readily available in the home. Needless to say, we’ll get whatever is suggested, so I’ve been instructed to order an outside of the mouth massager and an inside of the mouth massager. Has anyone noticed that Charlie gets way more massages than I do?

Tomorrow we see our instructor for the first time in three weeks due to scheduling issues/vacation/ect. I can’t wait. I’m hoping that we’ll get some new goals from her.

Finally, I’ve got out-of-town guests coming on Thursday, so I’ll probably be a bit scarce until sometime after the big birthday party. I promise to take lots of pictures and update when I can.

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  1. Mommy07 says:

    I am LOL about the Charlie getting more massages than you part!

    Thank you thank you Thank YOU for your post on my blog. We have had suspicions all along that Noah and I were the victims of malpractice and because we are using the neurologist that the hospital uses/recommended, we be damned if he is going to say anything other than “it was transient” . I have heard “I think it was transient” more times than I can count- that has to be the most vague crazy thing EVER to tell someone. What was transient? Was he suffocating? Did his little brain go oxygen starved? I try not to go there too often…

    I had a VERY quick Labor, and pushed Noah out in 8 pushes. But it was hard labor, the contractions were constant, and I was not in the bed monitored at all. In fact, I labored on the toilet, and no one checked Noah’s heart rate the whole time. He was not blue or distressed when he was born, but I have been told that that does not matter- he could have been suffering from lack of oxygen. The brain swelling, apnea, and one abnormal EEG all lead me to believe that it what happened.

    Smart moms know more than any doc- thanks for your post and your spin. I don’t trust any doctor now and probably never will. Such a harsh viewpoint but this whole thing has made me very guarded when it comes to modern medicine. I still have not vaccinated Noah for this very reason. I’d love to hear more about your “story” and about Charlie’s birth and what happened with you if you ever feel like sharing!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Hey sweet girl! I never thought about Blair getting attached to the thickner. I will have to watch for that later on when we try to wean her off of it! I went ahead and ordered some anyway because I noticed the hospital only sent me home with 5 days worth of it! :) So, don’t stress about it!!!

    That’s going to be fun to have your AR friends coming to visit! We do have an AR connection and when I think back from reading old posts we are even more connected with our children and what they have been through and are continuing to go through. I mean, home nurse/OT/PT/Occupational visits… the milk thickner… the all familiar pump room! :) And, those famous hospital brownies! hehehe Hopefully we can get together in October when you come back for a visit!

    Big Hugs – Tiffany

  3. I don’t think you are naive about knowing Charlie will sit. We know more about our own babies than we can explain.

  4. Small Town Girl says:

    Is this weekend birthday party time? Have fun with it!

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    mouth massages?? And I’ll leave that one alone.

    But whatever may help, you have to try.
    Have a great time at the party!!
    Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

  6. Seeking Serenity says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the party!

    I also hope you can get Charlie to stop needing thickener. I know “cold turkey” doesn’t work for most people so Charlie isn’t any different. He just needs time to adjust. :)


  7. You’re right, Charlie will do everything when he’s ready! That’s great that you have that attitude, no need to hurry things along all the time.

    Enjoy your company!

  8. All in Charlies time, you have to know that by now, Katy. All in his good time!


  9. Hey there Bird. Just read this and your last post. Oh man, you made me cry BIG, FAT tears. I love what you said and it restores my faith in humanity a bit. I am serious. You are a wonderful mom; you and your Charlie are so blessed to have each other. Keep on writing. It is so worthwhile for the rest of us to read.

  10. thotlady says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog entries. I came over from someone else’s blog…I can’t remember whose. I have a short memory.

    It sounds like you have a full plate and a good attitude. Keep up the good work. It is well worth it!

  11. Antonella says:

    I’ve been reading through your past few posts. I just wanted to say…first I think if you do have more kids, I honestly think the next pregnancy will be hard, just because you’ll worry about everything. But of course, like you said in the other post it’ll totally be worth it. And, I agree with you 100%! I got the anomily tests too, not because I would get an abortion if something were wrong, but I think I would like to know and prepare.

    Charlie will sit when he’s ready to sit. I believe it too. He’s this little miracle baby who about a year ago was in a really tough spot and now look at him! i think he just wants to keep you in suspense, you know make you sweat a little πŸ˜‰

    I know it’s early but happy b-day Charlie!! I’m so proud of him!

  12. Rural Felicity says:

    He will sit. :)

  13. Siobhan says:

    Charlies getting massages all over the place isn’t he? Like you I know he’s just going to get it. It’s just going to happen in his own time and no one else’s. God Bless him

  14. Enjoy your guests! Happy Birthday to Charlie–he’s a stubborn one–he’ll drink that thin milk–he’s just giving you a hard time. πŸ˜‰
    And if you think Charlie will sit, he will. You’re not naive–you’re “in tune.”

  15. I didn’t do the tests either. It just didn’t feel right to do it even though they pushed me to because of my age.

    I hope the party goes great. I would love to see lots of pics!

    Matt took off this morning, bleah, it was tougher than I thought! AND why didn’t you tell me about crazy impulses during this time??? I cut my hair shoulder length yesterday! Ah well it’ll grow back…one day.