In most relationships there are a couple of words that mean one thing to one person and one thing to another. Here are a few from my house:

For me, clean means rinsed with soap and water.
For my husband, it means rinsed with water.

Almost the same, but when I’m picking up a dish off the counter and saying, “Is this clean?” it’s a big deal

For me, changing a diaper means taking it off and putting on a new one.
For my husband, changing a diaper means checking to see if it needs changing, regardless of whether or not you actually put a new one one.

This second one is how Charlie went ELEVEN HOURS in the same diaper. Granted, he was asleep for nine of them, but I said change it and my husband checked and deemed the diaper still good.

Charlie peed down his own leg, so I think maybe that was a bad call.

Ahhhh, communication. . . the cornerstone of any good relationship. . . or so I’ve heard.

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  1. desperate housewife says:

    I hear you on the diaper change thing. Also, the word “dressed” as related to the kids means wildly different things to Jim and I. WILDLY.

  2. Ha! Ha! Very true–vrey true.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got to tell you I’m right there with your number one, but I would have probably done the same thing on number two. Maybe it’s just a Guy thing, but I would have looked to see if the diaper was dirty and deemed it okay if it wasn’t.

    Maybe that’s why women are mothers and not men. :-)
    Billy Paul

  4. What is it with daddies and diapers?

    Thanks for the comments on my page. I feel good hearing from someone who’s kind of been there–an insider! Seriously, thanks.

    Love those pictures of Charlie in the pool!

  5. Antonella says:

    I think it’s a man thing because it sounds like we’re married to the same guy! With washing stuff and with the diapers. UGH! MEN!

  6. Barbara says:

    Ha – funny story! Made Jim and I both laugh. Fortunately, he’s a changer – but my mother-in-law on the other hand is a checker. So it’s not just a guy thing.

  7. White Hot Magik says:

    How true, how true.

    I thought you weren’t posting last week, no feeds showed in my reader, which surprised me. Today I find 8 in the box. WTH. I guess next time I should check your page. I missed a bunch.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Oh, I have to agree with the diaper change thing! Britt will change them, but he HATES changing the dirty one’s. He ends up using about 4,000 wet wipes for one diaper! It’s hilarious!

    Hugs – Tiffany

  9. HA! Yes, very very true. Another one is: we need to run the dishes, which usually means LOAD THE DISHWASHER BEFOREHAND. This does not mean just press Start with a sink full of dirty dishes that need to go in there first. ARG!