Archives for June 25, 2008

My Rules

Here’s one of my rules for life:

If you’re in a line six-people deep, and someone opens up a new register, the polite thing to do is to allow the next person in line to go over to that register. It is NOT polite when the last person drag-races their cart over in front of everyone else. Also, if you’re going to be doing these types of things then please, please do not be buying craft supplies for vacation bible school.

My Little Genius

Well, Charlie knocked the socks off his instructor this morning. One of his new favorite toys is this piano. One of it’s many features is a setting where it plays a melody and then stops. The child must then hit the piano again to keep the melody going. It’s great for tummy time because he picks up his head and hits the key. Today we were using it sitting up with the instructor. She was SO impressed with how quickly he knew he had to hit the piano again. The song only had to miss one note before he noticed. She said she’d never seen a baby do that before.

OK, so I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but the instructor was impressed, so I’m excited. I’m so proud of my little man!

In other news, he can now point (I’m using this word loosely) to his toes, tummy, and mouth. He’s a genius, right?

**I’m going to edit this to say that he touches those things for the instructor, but I’m having no luck getting him to do it for me!**

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