Things That are Not Good

Talking to a woman on the playground for twenty minutes today only to realize as we were parting that she had no idea who I was.

My mother calling me this morning to tell me she’s got the Shingles.

My mother telling me that Charlie may have the chicken pox.

My mother telling me that I should probably leave the playground now–just to be safe.

Not being able to finish the twenty-four invitations we made by hand.

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  1. Oh no, have you called your doctor to see what to do? Better to be on the safe side. It may turn out perfectly fine.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  2. My mom talked to her doctor. Invitations aren’t really an issue, but just to be safe, we’re not sending them to anyone with kids.

    We’ll know by Tuesday whether or not Charlie has the pox–I don’t think so, though. He’s acting fine.

    My mom won’t be contagious after she starts taking some sort of medicine.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    How terrible! I hope Charlie’s fine and that your mom recovers soon.

  4. Oh no. Hopefully Charlie does not get the pox and your mom recovers fast!

  5. Arg! Chicken pox are NOT FUN. And your poor mom. I hope she feels better soon too. I’m crossing my fingers for NO POX.

  6. Quadius says:

    I hope he doesn’t have chickenpox and may your mother get well soon.
    Billy Paul

  7. Oh no! hope both Charlie and grandma are doing better.

  8. I hope it’s not chicken pox!