More of the Same

Howdy! We had a lovely weekend and I’ve been a bit reluctant to return to the real world. Tomorrow, however, we will be uncerimoniously thrust back into it.

Tomorrow, we begin private physical therapy at the local hospital. Tomorrow, I have to get us there by 8:30–no small feat, fill out paperwork, and then we’ll be “evaluated.” It’s never really fun to be evaluated because the whole reason you’re there is because you’re behind. From what I’ve read on other blogs, they like to document EXACTLY how far behind you are in a bunch of different areas. Yippee!!

We already have a pretty busy schedule–we see OT, PT, and an Instructor every week. We see a speech therapist every other week, and we have the vision therapist come out once a month. I’ve questioned the sanity in adding yet another therapist, but I think it’s the right thing to. Gross motor is, by far, our area of greatest deficit. Well, his vision is pretty sucky too, but there’s only so much you can do about that. I’m hoping that going to a clinic will give us access to equipment that you just don’t find in a home-based program. Equipment like a creepster crawler or maybe a walker paired with a treadmill. Maybe I want too much too fast, but I feel like young children have such a capacity to learn and grow, and I want to make sure Charlie has every opportunity.

So, tomorrow we’ll get up early (for us), and we’ll listen to things we don’t want to hear, so that Charlie can have the best life possible. Just more of the same.
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  1. Charlie is such a cutie, no two ways about it. I love his hair! Good luck tomorrow!


  2. The other thing about children is they don’t know yet that they can’t do something–they can’t hear what those people say, understand the point of the evaluations, read the disappointed or skeptical faces of doctors–so they have no reason to believe they can’t do it. Charlie doesn’t know he’s behind. IDK if he’ll ever know that sort of thing, but he might (or experience might teach him his limitations and make him less likely to try), so it’s much better to load him up now while he does have that capacity to learn and the belief in himself that he can try, try, try until he gets something he wants. That’s what I think, so good luck at the new place!

  3. Nadine Hightower says:

    He’ll do just fine!
    Go Charlie Go!!

    You mentioned the fennel in the medicine…it tastes gross…like licorice! Is it possible to get a different flavor….mint or fruit? That is why he spits it out…it tastes nasty!!

  4. therextras says:

    Before and after the PT eval he will still be adorable Charlie, the child you love.

    Your resignation to what will be said at the eval shows you can handle it; acknowledge your feelings; think through them.

    Hope for a good personality match between you and the PT. I’ll hope that the PT shows you all the things that show Charlie’s potential. Clearly he has plenty.

    I linked your blog in a post of mine last Sunday, if you get time to look.

    All the best, Barbara

  5. Small Town Girl says:

    The more time and energy you put in to Charlie, the better he gets. He’s doing a million times better than any doctor ever thought he’d do and I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s got such wonderful parents who really take the time to work with him.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Do you have your appointments minded professionally?! Your scheduled is crazier than mine!

  7. I hope the appointment went well!

  8. Mannyed says:

    I say full speed ahead! Go Team Charlie! Hope everything was enlightening.

  9. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow.

    That musical toy was a favorite in our home – seeing Charlie playing with it brought back tons of memories!

  10. Christine says:

    Charlie is such aremarkabl litte miracle boy, and God gave him you as a mom because He knew you were strong enough and courageous enough to fight tooth and nai for him. I haven’t been by in a while becaue life has a way of getting in theway of things I want to do,like blog walk, but I thik of you often. I am so glad to see Charlie sitting and playing! Praise God!

  11. Elizabeth–I have a purple planner where I keep all of our info and if I don’t have it I’m completely lost. I’ve got numbers, medical history, and all our appointments in there. I try to keep it in the diaper bag.

  12. The picture of Charlie with his nose in his block is just too cute for words. I see that he is doing some sitting with some help. What an improvement in the short time I have been reading this blog.