Closet Weirdness

What She Wore: Teal tank top with a scoop neck and vertical pleats; white capris; bright green strappy wedge sandals with a swirly design on the wedge.

What She Ate: It was a cinco de Mayo theme: cheese enchiladas, enchilda pasta, queso dip, guacamole, salsa, and tostados. Yummy and I took a plate home so I have leftovers.

My last post was pretty heavy and it’s hard to find something to follow it up with. Everything sounds a bit fluffy after you’ve covered infant mortality.

So, I’m going to cover five weird things about me that I should have done last weekend, but got side-tracked and forgot.

  1. I think baby spit smells good. I am NOT a baby person, I don’t want to hold your baby, I don’t revel in the smell of baby powder, or any of that stuff. For whatever reason, though, I think baby spit smells good. I’m a freak–you don’t have to tell me.
  2. I don’t like chocolate. I don’t HATE it or anything, but I don’t care for it either. I do like peanut butter eggs at Easter time, but that’s about it. My taste in sweets runs more to Gobstoppers and Skittles.
  3. I eat very few white foods. I don’t eat butter, mayonaise, eggs, cottage cheese, or yogurt. It’s not about the color, though, it’s about the texture. I think foods should have to pick–solid or liquid. If they’re somewhere in between I usually don’t like them.
  4. When I got to college I’d never washed clothes or loaded a dish washer. My mom washed all the clothes and my dad did the dishes. I actually had no idea how long it even took to wash clothes. I thought it was this long, involved process that took days–I had no idea you could get it done in the afternoon. I felt like superwoman the first time I washed clothes.
  5. I was in, or caused five car accidents before I turned eighteen. I got my license at fifteen and got in three accidents in a year. My insurance was HIGH. My boyfriend crashed his car when I was sixteen, and then I got in another wreck when I was eighteen. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

Ok, I don’t think any of those are re-peats, but who knows?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I didn’t care for chocolate.

    Ok, that’s a lie. Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say that I wish I didn’t like chocolate so much.

    You’re What She Ate is making me hungry. 15% off at the Mexican restaurant tomorrow. Olé!

  2. White Hot Magik says:

    I’d say I wish I didn’t like chocolate, but that would be like saying I didn’t like chile, both of whom I am sure I could not live without.

    Wow on the wrecks, I guess you got it out early though at least.

  3. Wait, you don’t like chocolate?? WEIRDO!!! lol!

    I am trying to remember if I had washed clothes before I went off to college…I guess I had because my mom would ask me to put laundry in if she was at errands or something …but what I hadn’t done is use the dryer…she always used to hang the clothes out to dry, even if it was like 5 degrees out. The dryer is so much easier :)

  4. You mean clothes washing DOESN’T take all day?? Hmm. I must be doing something wrong.

    Yes, you are a weirdo if you enjoy the smell of baby vomit. I am glad that you recognize that! Ha ha!

    Glad you survived all your wrecks honey!

  5. Small Town Girl says:

    I don’t like cottage cheese, either, but it’s because of the chunks not the not quite liquid not quite solid texture. Thing that should be smooth shouldn’t have chunks. Kinda like tapioca pudding…just leave the chunks out, please!

  6. Yeah…wow. I just might stop reading your blog because of all this. :)

  7. Baby spit, huh? Yeah…I’ll give you weird on that one.

  8. Haz Bien says:

    Gotta agree with you on the liquid and solid food thing… the look of them alone makes me gag. Mayonnaise and cottage cheese? Forget it. GROSS.